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Anabolic Diet - Metabolic Diet



I saw the thread "My experience on the Anabolic Diet". I didnt want to hijack that thread so I started this one.

Ive done some searches here and on google, and cant really get anything definitive on the diet. Is it still available? I found the Metabolic Diet, but it doesnt seem to be the same thing.

Is this diet still regarded as a pretty good diet to get really lean and put on muscle?

Anyone know where to find it? Or maybe find an article detailing how to use it?



Yes it is still available, do a google search for Anabolic Diet or Dr. Di Pasquale. The Anabolic Diet is no longer available in hard copy, but the Anabolic Solution is. It is basically the same thing with some supplements from the Doc as far as I can tell. You can also look on ebay for it and get it pretty cheap.
If you read some of the monster thread you will see many people still have success of this type of diet. I personally love it. Chris Shugart did an article series about test driving it.

If you read the articles and mdragon's thread you'll have more than enough information to get going.