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Anabolic Diet Meal Timing

Hey all. I just started my new training cycle and am looking at incorporating the T-Dawg diet into my last 8 weeks. My primary goal is to lose as much fat as possible. I’m 5’6", 215 lbs at 24.3% BF right now. My goal is to reach 189 lbs at 13% or below by the end of June. After looking through numerous diets and posts here on the forum, I’m pretty sure the T-Dawg diet looks like the best idea for me. My question is this: I’m currently eating between 6 and 9 meals a day (depending on how long I’m awake). With the T-Dawg diet, would I continue this pattern (basically every 2 - 3 hours)? Or would I just cut down to 5 meals a day? Thanks for the help!