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Anabolic Diet Macro Critque


Hi guys - this is a repost from FA. I was wondering if anyone else had any input on whether I was on the right track... would greatly appreciate any feedback :slightly_smiling: Just started the induction phase yesterday and want to make sure I'm within limits.

Weight: 105
Height: 5'2
Workout sched: lift 3x a week, steady state cardio the other 3, 1 day of rest

Macro breakdown: 148g(P) - 30g(C) - 98(F)
Calorie target per day: 1598

  1. Brekkie - scrambled eggwhites w/ skim mozz cheese (just need to use it up before I replace it with whole cheese)
    32.8g(P) - 3.5 (C) - 13.3 (F) = 271 cals

  2. Post-workout drink - 1 scoop egg protein powder (allergic to whey) with 1 tbsp double cream
    25.6g (P) - 2.4g(NET C) - 11.1 (F) = 168 cals

  3. Lunch - salad with chicken breast, eggplant, eggs, avocado, blue cheese, spinach with balsamic vinegrette
    26.7g(P) - 8.4 (NET carbs) - 33.6 (F) = 447 cals

  4. Snack - Broccoli with cream cheese dip
    4.9g(p) - 5g(NET C) - 10.8g(F) = 139 cals

  5. Sole Fillet with olive oil and asparagus/greenbeans/onions/garlic
    35g(P) - 7.1(NET c) - 25.5g(F) = 378 cals

  6. Snack - sugar-free jello
    0g(P) - 0 (NET c) - 0(F) = 8 cals

Calories achieved = 1500
macro achieved= 121.4g(P) - 15.9(NET C) - 97.3(F)

Does my calorie target look too high if I'm still aiming for weight loss? is 98g Fat about right? Apologies for the questions, I'm used to eating about 90% clean most of the time so this is a radical change for me.

-Also one last question: is natural peanut butter ok to have the first week? I've read different accounts on that.. some people say you should only incorporate it after about 2 weeks.


5'2 , 105 and you're looking to lose weight? May I ask why?


breakfast: whole eggs, full fat cheese (you know)

pwo: i dont put fat in my pwo, but eat 45min or so later

lunch doesn't look bad

snack: might want to have some protein with the fat

dinner fine

snack 2: i'd say add in some heavy whipped cream (sugar free of course)

your comment about 90% clean and this being radically different, i don't quite get. that is clean. probably cleaner than mine today

5 whole eggs, 1oz heavy whipping cream
colby jack stick, handful of almonds (big handful)
10oz ground beef, 2 slices cheese, mustard and mayo
handful of almonds
24g whey
6 oz sirloin, greens with vinegar and oil, colby jack stick, sf jello with sf whipped cream
2 hebrew franks with 1 tbsp sf catsup

AD is about the red meat, ya heard?


Not to stereotype, but I'm your typical petite asian girl. Even a few extra pounds is quite noticeable.
I've been eating clean for a long time, and I'm just looking to get around to 102. That used to be my maintenance weight for several years before I got sick last year... and the last few lb's of fat are pretty stubborn now. I've literally been working my butt off in the gym with lunges squats etc, and most of my jeans are still tight. 102's my happy weight :slightly_smiling:


Thanks for the critique - and yep, I actually had flank steak last night, I changed it up to fish tonight because.. well, I love fish :slight_smile:

I do plan on throwing more red meat in there, it's just a matter of adapting to the taste of it again because prior to yesterday I hadn't eaten red meat in about eight months. I was wondering, however, whether I could get away with eating fish a majority of the time... those particular oils (along with EVOO) is part of what sold the diet to me.

Heh sorry if the 'clean' comment sounded a bit neurotic. I bought some bacon yesterday and am still freaking out a 'lil about the idea of making some tomorrow morning. Part of my eating clean regiment involved steaming/baking/grilling everything with minimal oil/grease, if none at all. It was more done in response to some kidney problems I had and wanting to completely overhaul my eating... but anyway, I'm babbling.

protein wise, should I add some nuts to my snack? I was just worried about going over the carb limit the first week. I read some conflicting posts about how one should only add nuts and peanut butter once you're a week into the induction phase.


Since you're logging your food, there isn't an issue with nuts and peanut butter, since you know how many carbs you have left in the day. A breakfast consisting of meat, nuts, and vegetables is supposed to be the best way to start your day (according to CT & Poliquin).

Good luck. Remember to keep the calories fairly high until you're sure you're fat adapted. From that point, you can decrease your calories (from fat, not protein) in order to achieve your goal weight.