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Anabolic Diet Log - CrewPierce


Ok well I figure the only way I will be able to stick to this diet is if I post my meals on here. Also it will give me a way to count my carbs as I am horrible with carrying around a food journal.

Current stats are:
Age: 22
Bench 245x3
Squat 315x3
Deadlift 424 max

I'm doing this diet for both strength and mass as small and weak is no way to go through life.

First meal of day 2:
3 eggs
3 sausge
coffee with heavy whipping cream


Meal 2: top sirloin, spinach, Hood carb countdown choc. milk, green tea with fiber-sure

standing BB Military press: 135
Front squat: 185
Wide-grip chins w/ 35lb DB
tricep pushdowns w/ straigh bar: 87.5lbs

all was 4x4

Snack: choc. Metabolic Drive w/ natrual PB. olive oil and fiber-sure


Does anyone know if we can use Surge doing the first 12 days? I know it has a good amount of carbs, but since its post workout i was just wondering. Thanks!


I wouldn't use Surge even if it fit into your carb allowance. I think any sugars would hinder your fat adaption. Get used to not using carbs PWO. You don't need them once you adapt.

You'll find this diet isn't that hard to follow-at all.


I do. It's working for me.


ditto on that, save your carbs for broccoli, lettuce etc and carbs in things like cream, cheese, eggs and nuts etc...


Ok thanks for the advice on Surge guys! On that note I'm off to eat a cheese burger and a salad, then workout 2.


Ok so workout 2:

Incline Bench: 65lb DB's
Speed Squat: 135
Close grip pulldowns: 185
DB Over head Ext. 80lb DB
Seated calf raise
Reverse Crunch
All was 2x12

2 more snacks tonight of:
Cheese and pepperoni


Ah Day 3:
3 sausage links
Green tea with fiber supplement

Celery with natural PB

Workout 1:
Deadlift: 225, 315, 365,405 miss (only got 1)
Chest supported rows: 165
Dips with 45lb weight
Hammer curls: 50, 55, 60, 60lb DBs
Front Raises: 40lb DB
all was 4x3

Top sirloin, broccoli, Flameout, multi vitamin, wash it down with some Hood Choc. Milk

Kinda pissed about the deadlift, I got the second one up off the floor but couldn't lock it out :confused: That tells me I need to continue to work on my lower back.


yeah so I was starving so I had a shake made with water, Metabolic Drive, PB, and olive oil.


A question for some of the more experienced guys:

I assume its best that if I were to start taking tbol, the best time to do this would be after the initial break in phase of 12 days correct? I figure that with the added anabolics it would be best to have those carb days in there.

     Hey Crew, was up..

Looks like you're on your way. I'll be watchin, was always curious about the anabolic diet. I'm on more of a cutting diet,bodybuilding routine. Looks good though, keep up the hard work.......I'd say you're right about the tbol entry into the picture..


Hey thanks man and I'm watching yours to see how the tbol is!


Shrimp, pork chops, salad with olive oil, glass of wine, and green tea.

The lady in my life was yelling about Valentines day or something haha so no second workout tonight. I'll be making up the workout tomorrow morning.

Snacking on pepperoni and cheese right now.


I have summer sausage and monterray jack for snacks at least once a day. It is snacks like this that make the AD so easy to follow. If I'm not gonna be around food, I just stuff a 5 oz. block of cheese in my pocket and I'm good to go.


Does your green tea have a fiber supp in it or do you just take it at the same time?


I add fiber-sure to Arizona diet green tea. Each 8oz. glass has <1gram carb and tastes good. That fiber-sure is good stuff.


Well another morning of eggs, sausage and green tea but lets get some numbers up:

Body weight is down 3lbs this morning
Body Fat: 12%
My hydration level could come up a bit more but I felt a little dehydrated this morning.


So I'm not too happy with this drop in my body weight given my already fairly low body fat so I'm upping the kals. Good thing my order of Metabolic Drive came today!

So since this morning:

coffee with 1/2 and 1/2,
The anabolic Diet shake as I call it:
12oz water
1 scoop choc. Metabolic Drive
1tbsp Smart Balance natural PB
1sp olive oil
A shake or two of fiber supplement
Handful of ice cubes

Now for a lunch of top sirloin and salad.


hmm got behind today with the post so recap:

snack of cheese and pepperoni

dinner of hamburger and salad

snack of Hood Choc milk with coffee

celery with PB