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Anabolic Diet, GH Levels and Sleep Quality?

After I stardet the Anabolic Diet, I’ve been sleeping less. About 1 hour less a day, while not feeling any more sleepy during the day time, but easily falling a sleep at night.

Come to think about it, I experienced something similar to this (sleeping less, but still not being much more tired) when I tried ‘GABA’ some time ago… All though I didn’t continue this supplement, I know that it is supposed to increase growth hormone - and the Anabolic Diet is as well… And both these thing make me sleep less, a lot less.


"GABAâ??s high concentration in the hypothalamus suggests this amino acid plays a significant role in hypothalamic-pituitary function. The hypothalamus is a region of the posterior section of the brain and is the regulating center for visceral (instinctive) functions such as sleep cycles, body temperature, and the activity of the pituitary gland. "

I haven’t found any info directly linking elevated GH to better sleep quality though, but it seems to have that effect in me… Maybe I had very low levels to begin with?

Will be interesting to see if this goes away when I after a couple of months tries some weeks without the Anabolic Diet again…

Edit: Searching thru studies, It’s clear that low levels of GH may contribute to poor sleep quality… So this is very interesting for me… Might be that this diet with the resulted increased GH levels - can be very beneficial for me.
BTW: I have a pretty short stature, and pretty small joints… All of this seems to be common in people with low GH release…

1Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, and Division of Neuroendocrinology, Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital- Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen and Department of Pediatrics, Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark
Correspondence to *Department of Clinical Neurophysiology, Rigshospitalet, 2100 Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Eight patients with isolated growth hormone deficiency(IGHD), 20â??30 years old were studied with polysomnography before and after 6 months of treatment with growth hormone (GH). During GH treatment total sleep time decreased and REM sleep time increased significantly. Delta sleep time (stage 3 + 4) did not change significantly. All patients reported improved well-being and none wished to discontinue the treatment with growth hormone. These findings suggest that GH has an effect on sleep. The effect of increased REM sleep in humans is incompletely understood, but sleep recordings may be one way of directly monitoring the effect of GH on the central nervous system.”

Hope someone can shime in with some more knowledge here

I don’t have any scientific data to refer to or know why but I notice the same thing once I get rolling on a low carb diet. I sleep about an hour less each night but my sleep is deeper and more restful and I never get sleepy during the day like I usually do. Maybe someone else has a scientific explanantion.

Thanks for the answer… It’s certainly a good thing about the diet… Enough to make me keep doing it, even if my results remain the same… Who doesn’t want more time? :slight_smile:

I’ve posted about this before. Carbs most definitely blunt GH release for approx 4 hours. Logically it follows that sleep will be improved and thus recovery will be improved if you don’t eat carbs right before bed so that you get the natural ~1hr into sleep spike of GH.

A low carb diet, and prob carb cycling as well, will also help a person to better manage their blood sugar levels and thus, if the same carb cut off is followed on one of these diets, most likely sleep/GH/and recovery will be improved.

Bill Roberts may be able to chime in on this. I’d be interested to hear his thoughts on the matter.

I didn’t eat much carbs before sleep before either, not for the last couple of years… 500 grams of veggies (about 15 grams of carbs - mostly from green veggies), plus around 20 grams from Meal replacements… Some higher GI in the meal replacement, but with a lot more protein and fat, my pre-bed meals over the last couple of years have been extremely low GI.

And I seem to sleep less now even after carb-up days… So it is independent of just a few meals…

Also; I seem to be more sensitive to cold weather when eating low-carbs - is this normal?
Not benefitial right now, with around -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit) most days… And no more then about 15 degrees inside (59 degrees Fahrenheit), unless I keep the fireplace going - I’ve been freezing my ass off during the day-time… But have started keeping the fireplace going all-day now, I simply have to… Even though it take a lot of time to keep it going all day…

good to hear i will sleep like a baby in january :slight_smile:
I am very curious about my start of AD