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Anabolic Diet For Women

My wife is thinking of doing the anabolic diet. She just wants to get more lean. Do you think it will work for her? What sort of modifications will she have to make to it?

There are others on here more versed in this subject than I, however, I remember this being discussed before, and I don’t recall anything being wrong with her doing the diet as written. If you do a search, I recall their was even a female who logged some of her progress on a thread.


It’s great for women. No mods to make really. No difference between a man and a woman as far as meals, effects, etc. Just read (it’ll only take a few days!).



I did it for a few months and found that I maintained easily while eating a TON of food, much of it not the healthiest. I also made some great muscle gains while doing the AD and the Waterbury Method.

However, when I tried to lower the calories and tighten up the diet to cut, I didn’t really lose any weight. After a few weeks I was frustrated and stopped doing it. I also found it inconvenient at times and missed my healthy carbs. It just wasn’t quite right for me.

I think your wife will just have to give it a try and see how it works for her. Update us on how it goes. Good luck!