Anabolic Diet for MMA Comp

Finally a eating plan that delivers exactly what it says it will.

My question is related to how to use the diet for competition.

Specifically mma/grappling events (3 VERY intense 5 minute rounds)
should I finish my carb up on the day of the competition so that I have some elevated blood sugar levels or finish carbing up the day before so as I dont suffer that ‘feeling relaxed feeling’ the docotr talks about - dont want to loose the ‘animal’ mentality but want the most explosive/endurance ability as possible.

Thanks for any advice - preferably from people experienced with the diet!!

I don’t know about MMA, but for me the best workout is always on the second carb up day. The first carb day is completely off from training, then I have a high carb breakfast the next day, high carb lunch…train, post workout carb meal. I end the carb up there and have a normal AD meal a few hours later. Anyway, that workout is the one where I blast through more than 20 worksets but still want to do more. lol

Just my personal experience on the diet.

Im just thinking that there is a difference between the sort of energy you need doing brief bursts of weight lifting compared to the more extended endurance type of effort needed for grappling.

Im also trying to take into account the effect of the serotonin the doctor talks about when carbing up and how that can effect your training negatively.

I just finished a season of rugby league while on the AD and it took me ages of changing things up on my carbloads to get to a point where I felt good while playing and still had energy for the gym that week, but what I think ended up working best was to have one good carb meal the night before (usualy a big feed of pasta and vegies) and then the morning of the game I would eat about 3 hours before (to give me time to get over that slugish feeling) just a bowl of oats and some fruit if I needed it before I went out. When I finished I always tried to eat big meals to replenish glycogen so I felt good for training that week. But I think youre best off playing with your carbloads a bit to try and work out what works for you becuase when youre getting it wrong you’ll feel shit the whole week and I don’t think running out of energy near the end of a fight would be fun.

But thats just what I think, 3 five min rounds are a different kind of endurance to 80mins of football. It’d be interesting to see how you ended up in your fight, if you find a good way of doing it I think your energy will be good and you won’t need to worry about the serratonin just as long as you don’t eat a heap of sugar or something I think you’ll feel good.

Just curious man, whats your experience been with cardio and endurance work on AD? You must do heaps to be in good enough condition to fight? I know people say its not a good diet for people who have to have plenty of endurance becuase you need the carbs but i’ve felt good for most of my games and through my running and stuff.

Dont have much experience yet as only just starting out on the AD but so far I feel like I have WAY more consistent energy. Feel awake and really ‘switched on’ all day. I start a new training cycle next week so will see how some really intense cardio goes then, so far I have only been doing some maintenance cardio like 70% of max and same thing with that - my energy just didnt want to fade.

Hopefully I get the same results once going 100% - I just am having a hard time believing I’ll be able to with such low glycogen levels!

You are overthinking things.

How is your average diet? stats? how much do you usually weight and at what weight class do you fight?

I like timing my carbs around workout time and all the other meals are mostly lean meats with veggies.

i would end the carb up 1-2 days before your comp… idk about weigh-ins though

FOR ME i have the best combination of energy/stomach comfort 24 hours after stopping eating carbs

experiment and see how you feel