Anabolic Diet for Fat Loss

I’ve been pondering this a lot and I want to lose a few pounds of fat to get back down to 10ish % bodyfat (at 14ish now) I was thinking on how this could work well for me. We live in S/E wisconsin so we eat a lot of brauts/polish/chedderwaurst/italian sauasages and this seems to be a good food to fit into the AD.

I can eat a lot of eggs/sauasages/chicken/tuna/beef everyday my only problem will be getting mean durin gthe schoolday that doesn’t require being on bread… any solutions to combat this? as far as teh weekends go can I have anything I want or just about all complex carbs? A few pointers from someone who’s done this for a long time would help.

PS. I’ve been eating pretty low carb all summer(unintentionally). does this affect anything?