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Anabolic Diet for Body Comp

I was curious about anyone’s results on the anabolic diet. I read a couple articles about how it is able to produce muscle gains and fat loss simultaneously. Is this common with this eating style?

I found on the ‘Maintennance’ or ‘Startup’ phase that I lost maybe 5lbs of fat and gained about 4 of muscle, and depending on how fast you want your body comp shift to be its probably quite possible to eat at or around maintenance long term, while slowly shifting. If you timed your food carefully and perhaps stacked it with Carbolin 19 you could do fairly well.

The diet itself however is designed to be cyclical - Bulking -> Maintaining -> Cutting -> Maintaining -> Bulking [You repeat this until you are so huge that you have to wear toga’s made from sheets designed for a bed that sleeps 10]

Take all your AD questions etc over to the ‘My Experience on the Anabolic Diet.’ It’s the one with 1470 posts/60 pages long :slight_smile: