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Anabolic Diet for Begining Lifter


Is the anabolic diet o.k. for someone who is very new to lifting? I want to get bigger but don't want too much fat.



Eat a lot of food first. Then if indeed you do not get the results you want, look at options.

But first lift and eat.


o.k. Is there specific reasons why beginners shouldn't do the ad? Just curious, thanks.


To follow through on any plan, you need to first internalize certain habits:
a) eating every 4 hours
b) eating clean food
c) eating majorly REAL food (i.e. stuff that runs, grows and dies)
d) eating adequate protein

The AD is great if you are well versed in the basics, but given the liberal nature of the plan, you may find that you never learned the keys to lasting eating plans.

This is not of course to say that a beginner does not have the discipline to pull it off, rather it is to say that beginner must first focus on inculcating the habits of proper workouts.
i.e. free weights, heavy lifting, proper rest etc.
To try and do both things together while possible, is a lot harder.
So since, you are young and a beginner, you have some time before focusing on specific diet plans.
Read '7 habits of highly effective nutrition' by John Berardi.

So, to sum up, eating every 4 hours, eat a lean protein at every meal, learn to cook and prepare your meals in advance. Eat tons of vegetables and lift heavy stuff.


I will definatly read that article. And thank you, your explanation really made me realize that I'm not well versed with "the basics".


This response is a great success.

best part of this response. From now on this is what i am referring to meat as.

"Man this food here is MAJORLY REAL! This shit once made noises, had parents and couldn't dodge bullets.... THIS SHIT IS THE RILL CLINTON BITCH!"

That shit is real.