Anabolic Diet for BB or PL

Hey all,

 I am interested in getting one of the books on the Anabolic Diet by Mauro DiPasquale. I notices that hes has two different ones; one for powerlifters and one for bodybuilders. Now, while I consider myself a powerlifter and train as such, I certainly wouldn't mind getting my bodyfat down to bodybuilder-type levels. Anyone know if there is any difference between these two texts?

To the best of my knowledge, no.

I used the basic AD as a powerlifter, if you’re trying to maintain weight and gain strength or even lose weight and keep strength I’d say it’s great.

But if you’re trying to gain mass it seemed a little slow.

And I was eatting a ton of calories for my weight, which was pretty easy when you’re eatting so much fat.

Good luck with it either way.