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Anabolic Diet for Athletes?


I had recently read up alot on the Anabolic Diet by Di Pasquale, and I know Poloquin talks alot about low carb/ fat adapting as well, but would this be ideal for a wrestler and not just a powerlifter? i know Ido Portal is big an fat adaptation as well and he is extremely active...

I'm about 2 weeks in the assesment phase and I feel clearheaded but a little bit sluggist physically, just wondering if anyone else has had experience with using the AD or fat adapting for more than just weightlifting? I know Robb Wolf advocates around 100gs of carbs a day and almost all post workout, where as Leangains states it doesnt matter, just keep the bult post workout and on training days....then I've done alot of reading up on the mma guys who say low carb and endurance training is suicide. Just looking to get some honest opinions, thanks again


You may like this set of articles on this site by Nate Miyaki. He's an advocate of paleo + starchy carbs for athletes.





I actually did read through that..so it's looking liekthe anabolic diet is good for stratight up lifting but as far as a sport...it's no good?


Going low carb will effect your performance. It takes roughly about 3 weeks for fat adapting to kick in. Even then, fats as fuel takes a back seat compared to carbs when it comes to more anaerobic sports or explosive moves.

Honestly I don't think it's the best way to go unless you're trying to lose or cut weight. I personally use a modified paleo diet when losing weight for a fight. Skipping all carbs throughout the day & only including them in the Pre,Intra & post workout times.


Here's a link that might interest you.




distance running, sure. fighting, wrestling, football, basketball, rugby, soccer, probably a very bad idea.


Interesting reading gentlemen.
As I am T-Nations resident semi-pro soccer player I find this all very insighful as I currently am tweaking my own diet.

I was thinking of going on an "anabolic diet", but allowing some carbs the night before cardio training, or some simple sugars pre workout, and then strictly high protein and low carb for the rest of the time?

Any thoughts?



I tried limiting my carb intake to <100g early on in the rugby pre-season. It ruined my work capacity and I quickly became overtrained.


Man Bear Pig....where you upping your fat and protein content to compensate though?


I'm really confused, seeing as how the Anabolic Solution For Powerlifters was made for lifting...but other sources say fat adapting is better for endurance athletes....then some say carb load, others say only do carbs PWO, or eat them up until PWO....brain....hurt...........simple........please......


I did. If you are doing activities primarily using glycotic metabolic pathways, such as multisprint sports, you will not perform optimally if you do not consume adequate carbs. You will gas.




I'm all for athletes eating as normally as possible. Low carb diets are mostly designed for body builders. Will you be able to eat low carb for the rest of your life? Probably not. Eat normally but healthily. A diet is no good if you can't live with it.


yeah, end of story, it's for bodybuilding bullshit and not functional at all,


Like most things, it depends greatly on the individual. Personally, after a few weeks I was able to perform athletically just fine on the anabolic diet. If you can afford to, that is if your livelihood doesn't depend solely on your athleticism, you should try it. The first two weeks suck, but the equilibrium in energy levels thereafter is worth it, as is the ability to shed fat.

If you do become fat adapted, be warned - carbing up right before an athletic event can ruin you. The insulin spike often puts you on your ass.


Thats 4 sure if you are fat adapted dont mess with carbs before you wrestle or anything intense for that matter. You wont preform well..

Like MAF said just try it... Thats the only way to know if it works for you.. All diets are not for all people. However once you start AD and get used to fat as fuel you will be fine. I do Jujitsu 2 a week and I have no peoblems with it. I do cardio 5x week lift 4x plus jj 2 week for 1.5 hrs But what works for me may not be 4 you. But who knows I know one thing 4 sure eating on AD is not bland and tasteless you can enjoy food. Its easy to stick to. So if you are tierd of brocolli and chicken breasts go for it. If not stick to what your doing.


if you eat the bulk of your carbs before any intense cardio or what not that's not lifting, you'll be fine. i use the AD to lean out when i gain weight and need to cut for comps or whatever. great diet if you do it right, one of my favorites.