Anabolic Diet for a Beginner?

I’m currently living in China and it has been suggested to me by a wiser man than myself (also living in China), that the Anabolic Diet is the easiest diet to stay on here due to the difficulty of getting certain foods.

So–I am willing to devote myself to the cause. However, I’m not sure about a few things.

First and foremost: Should I be on it?

As a relative newbie and certainly not a competitive bodybuilder, I won’t if the diet is appropriate for me. It seems like Di Pasquale repeatedly advocates this specifically to bodybuilders. I was also planning on suggesting this to my older brother, who is even more out of shape than anyone, but is a “hardgainer” (translation–far, far, far from anything resembling a bodybuilder).

Second: What about the most important meal of the day–the PWO shake? This naturally contains a ton of carbs–far more than the diet allows. Should I make an exception in this case?

just read DH’s post on this thread