Anabolic Diet Cutting Supplements

I’m going to finish the 4 week Velocity diet phase I in a week and have been reading up on the anabolic diet for cutting. It looks like a pretty similar approach to the V-Diet, except lower carbs PWO, and SOLID food…thank god!

What’s a good stack for the anabolic diet for cutting? I’ll likely stick with Metabolic Drive and creatine PWO. Should I add glutamine? What other Biotest supps are beneficial?

Put some time and effort into reading the first 75 pages of the Mega-Thread.

I would STRONGLY suggest that you take no supplement other than the basics:

  1. Multi-Vitamin
  2. Calcium-Magnesium
  3. r-ALA (carb days only)

Stick to the basic routine for 3 months.
If fatiguing (after 3 months of strict adherence), raise cho take by 5-10gm, OR:

  1. Leucine (PWO)
  2. Glutamine (PWO)
  3. Glycine (PWO)
    If you train hard and regular, There will be no need for extra-fat burner type substances. (unless your a bodybuilder on contest prep)

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[quote]Evil1 wrote:

  1. r-ALA (carb days only)


Do you recommend a brand? It doesn’t appear Biotest makes r-ALA. How much on carb up days?

Supps sound easy enough. No fish oils?

HA, I’m through about 15 and have been following the recent posts. I’ll keep at it :slight_smile: What type of fat loss results should I expect if I stuck to it for 3 months?

Thanks Evil1!

First understand that the AD is best utilized as a ‘lifestyle’. The 3 months ensures a complete switch into a fat based metabolism.

You may/may not get leaner than if you were on any other plan. BUT, I can almost guarantee that any attempt to lose fat on the AD, is infinitely easier on the mind, more sociable and flexible (within reason).
Assuming you eat at maintenance for the 3 months, you may not see a drop on your scale weight but there will be a definite change in body composition. i.e. same weight but pants fit better.

I don’t have a preference in r-ala brands, since my choices are limited. I don’t think Biotest makes r-ala. Receptormax has r-ala in it. I’d say get r-ala on its own and get one that has biotin in it if possible.

Fish oil is very important. Get some Flameout etc.