Anabolic Diet Confusion/Questions


Iv been doing research on fat burning diets/fads/etc. I came upon the AD diet and am definitely liking what im reading, but it has left me with a few questions.

How does one figure out how much protein/fats/carbs they should consume in this diet?

What if one doesnt like cheese…the idea of eating pieces of cheese during the day almost saddens me, what else could i eat?

Iv also read that some people are doing 30g of carbs pre and post workout, then some are saying to only eat that alloted amount of carbs after your workout. which one is better, i guess?

Micro PA and indigo 3g are still allowed with this diets? thinking of starting up Plazma, which would basically be my only carb source in this diet. wrong?


Mauro Di Pascale has an ebook also.

Plazma and AD don’t mix.

60% fat, 40% protein. 30g of carbs (from veggies, as much as possible). The amount of carbs are not written in stone. But, if you go to high, you are out of ketosis.

Start with the actual diet and make it work for you over time. As long as you follow the principals, you are fine.

What is not to like about triple cream brie?

How is carb back loading coming along?

I jus dont like cheese. The only way i can see myself eating it is melting it over my veggies and meats. Ill have to eat lots of coconut oil and margarine then.

Carb back loading wasnt for me, one thing i liked about the AD is that the weekends are almost “freebies for food” (not the first 12 days tho) and being in school still, makes it easier for me to have a social life and keep my gains/body in check.

I’m basically doing a keto diet atm. What I’m doing is pretty easy, though extremely boring. Low carb protein shakes with organic cocoa powder, chia seeds, psyllium husk, electrolytes (very important so you don’t feel like shit), vitamins, and lots of oil. I use organic MCT oil since it is a good source of energy and doesn’t have a noticeable taste.

I’ve also used avocado oil but be aware you’ll have to throw a ton cinnamon in to cover up that flavor. Coconut oil would be great but it stays solid at these temps so you’d have to find a way to break it up into tiny pieces so you don’t choke on it. I’ve also used olive oil (again use cinnamon). I bet macadamia nut oil would be good and possibly flaxseed oil but flaxseeds and flaxseed oil don’t agree with me. You could also eat a small amount of mixed nuts each day. Then consume huge salads, chicken, eggs, steak, fish as well.

If fat loss is your goal, I’m not so sure a keto diet is the best way to go. For starters, ketone bodies are not nearly as efficient at fueling exercise as glucose. This aside, it takes about 48 hours before your body starts producing ketone bodies. The first 24 is spent depleting your glycogen stores, the second 24, gluconyogenisis takes place, meaning you’ll be using muscle tissue for energy. Then your body will start making ketone bodies, you’ll have a couple of days of depleted workouts, carb up on the weekends, and start it all over.

The worse part is this, low insulin levels are linked to a higher output of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This binds to testosterone rendering it useless. Your body can only use free testosterone. Though it does burn body fat, I’ve seen the muscle withering effects of keto dieting. Rather, I’d stick to a 50-30-20 (carb-protein-fat) breakdown, or if carbs are a real concern, 40-40-20 (carb-protein-fat). The fat burn will come more from being in a moderate (20%) calorie deficit, rather than from excluding any one macro nutrient. Esp. considering insulin is the most anabolic hormone. Have one of your meals as a cheat meal every 4th day in order to reboost your fat burning hormone (leptin) before it dips too low. This will allow you to keep every bit of muscle, while shredding down low into the single digit body fat range.

This protocol works, especially if one is diligent enough to track calories meticulously and honestly, keep a full log, and otherwise throw in some cadio (even LISS) 3-5 days/week.

I am getting decent results using a modified carb backloading plan, eating at maintenance on work out days (3-4 days/week), 500 calories below maintenance 3-4 days/week (depending on whether I workout on the 4th day or not), with one high calorie day with a surplus of 500 calories over maintenance. My carbs are a little lower than 40% due to being more sensitive to carb intake, but it works and I don’t feel like the zombie that I have previously when carbs were reduced to <10-20% of my daily intake.

You don’t need any cheese on the anabolic diet. Please don’t eat margarine. Use butter and whole eggs (or even extra YOLKS), and add oils to all of your veggies, using butter, olive oil, red palm, coconut, avocado, macadamia. You can eat macadamia nuts and olives and avocados too.