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Anabolic Diet Clean Bulk


I have been on the anabolic diet for 14 weeks now. I am going to start bulking but want to do it as clean as possible. The main things i eat now are ground beef, bacon, sausage, and a dozen eggs a day. Can i get my fat and protein from better higher quality sources? Would getting steak (top sirloin or ribeye etc..) and replacing the ground beef, bacon, and sausage be better?



See "My Experience on the Anabolic Diet" in the Supplements and Nutrition Forum.


150 lb on a diet? really?


Everyones on a diet


Steak would be better, yes.


Why would you choose between steak or ground beef, bacon, and sausage? Can't you have them all?


arite thank you..i will probly stick with top sirloin for now. I found a local bison farm but $5.95 a pound isnt too cheap.


Yeah...I could have all of them but pork isnt very "high quality" if you will. I read some about having steak as your main meat. Just seeing if anyone agreed or disagreed