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Anabolic Diet Carb Loading

Well i started the anabolic diet today, i would love to hear from others who are or were on it, what did you find to be the best foods for carb loading? Cereal is my favorite food so i will probably eat a ton of frosted mini wheats and frosted flakes. What about foods such as pop tarts? they are basically pure carbs, but are they too simple and high in sugar?

Here is link to the Anabolic Diet thread in the Supplement forum which is packed with great info. :slight_smile:


But in the meantime, my personal experience is the less sugar and more starchy the carbs, the better. I like potatoes/starchy veggies, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, some fruit, a little whole grain bread, rice. If I go overboard on the sugar I will almost always get puffy fingers that ache and I hate that so I try to stick to the above.

That said, I did once demolish five Krispy Kremes and 1/2 a pizza with nothing to show for it but a massive pump. Haha! But, that was an exception.