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Anabolic Diet and Workout Nutrition


I'd like to know what those of you on the AD have for a per/para/post workout shake (if any).

Reading the book I found the whole "formulas" section to be overwhelming, mainly b/c of all the singular supplements I'd have to buy and pre-mix (not that I'm afraid of that) if I were to want ONE of these shakes.

Here is a list of the "Formulas" for those of you who don't know.

1.) The Anticatabolic-Anabolic Compound: Gluatamine, Leucine, KIC & OKG
2.) Alternate Energy, Anti-Ox, Cholesterol Fighter: L-Carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitine, taurine, methionone, choline, inositol, betaine.
3.) Insulin Anabolizer: KIC, OKG, arginine, gluatmine, leucine, taurine, alanine, chromium, potassium.
4.) Creatine Mono, Adesnosine triphosphate (ATP), creatine phosphate, histidne, arginine, glycine, methionine.

(I may have misspelled shit so relax lol)

If I were to follow any of those, it would be either Anticabolic or Insulin formula....but I don't feel like having 9 tubs of powder/caps to combine 4-5x a week.

Has anyone been able to find something else that they would suggest? Right now I just have 5g of leucine during my workout and add some creatine and leu afterwards.


I just used hood low carb milk, low carb protein powder, creatine, glutamine, and superfood. That was more then enough supplements for me.


Dont get lost in all of it. Take either BCAA or EAA preworkout. About 15-30 mins prior. Then take some again with whey after the session. If you have the CHO to spare, and you so choose, take in 10-20g CHO after the session also. This will help stimulate insulin a bit more but will not fully replenish your glycogen so that insulin sensitivity stays elevated for a good 24 hours post workout.

10g EAA or 10-20g BCAA

10g EAA or 10-20g BCAA
30g Whey concentrate or isolate

optional 10-20g glucose drink. Even grape juice will work just fine here.



See I must have been doing something wrong. When I did AD I was always sore as fuck after a workout. Granted, I didn’t take all these supps peri/post workout. I just can’t seem to recover “normally” if I don’t have my carbs. I had DOMS like a motherfucker for about 5 days


DH your right, I didn’t get lost in it all. I read it and then looked up a bunch of the listed supplements. It’s been a while since that book was published and a handful of those supps have been de-bunked so I didn’t even bother buying anything. But I don’t want to bring up the glutatmine argument, I just don’t like the stuff.

Maybe I’m just conditioned to have some sort of nutrition during a workout since I’ve always had something (Surge or gatorade or something else) during a workout since I first started training 8-9yrs ago.