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Anabolic Diet and Whey Protein?



I have 4 whey shakes a day on the AD diet (45 grams each, with 3 grams carbs each), I also add in 2 teaspoons of live oil.

My total macro nutrient ratio is 64% fat, 32% protein - and carbs is always under 30 grams.
I take fiber supplements and eat almost no veggies because of the added carbs whey protein gives. SO I get a total of about 25 grams carbs a day.

My question is this. Is their any reason why drinkin protein shakes between meals, post gym and before bed is a bad idea on the AD diet?? (bearing in mind that I am hitting my macro % )


eat your damn veggies.


So, assuming these protein shakes are your only or primary protein source, you're consuming about 3240 calories from fat, and a little over 4000 calories total. Are you trying to bulk, cut or just fat-adapt right now?
If you're fat adapting I'd say you need to watch your protein. In the past I've consumed too much and it has interfered with progress on the diet. Just tweak it as the weeks progress, but I wouldn't increase it by any means.


I get about 50% of my protein from shakes - I also have fried eggs with pork in the morning and evening, and beef at lunch. Each protein shake is 45 grams whey - so 37 grams protein.

I'm passed the fat adaptation phase, and I'm now eating about 16 times bodyweight = 3200 caloreis. Keeping the fat % high. So far so good. lost 4kgs, dropped BF% down to 15%, and my muscle mass is marginally higher. I would ideally add in another portion of meat and drop one or two protein shakes, but it's too difficult for a number of reasons. My whey is mid morning, before gym, after gym and before bed. I was considering dropping the amount of whey. But including the whey my protein intake is 257 grams (I dont really want to go lower). Total macros: protein 33% (257 grams), fat 62% (219 grams), carbs 23.6 grams