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Anabolic Diet and Weird Weight Gain



I startet the anabolic diet 7 days ago.. And lost weight slowly but steady..

But all the sudden i gained like 2 pounds over night..

And i didn change a think other then i might have been working out abit harder..

It might be a stupid question but i just can´t belive that this can be muscle gaine..

So maybe u guys can help me out.. Cause if im gaining fat i need to redo my diet..

My diet is like this

Meal 1

6 scrambled eggs and veggies
4 grams of fish oil

Meal 2

200g of tuna
whit veggies or cottage cheese

Meal 3

200 grams of steak
whit veggies
and some whipping cream

Meal 4

200 grams of tuna
whit veggies or cottage cheese

Meal 5


And maybe fish oil

Hope u guys can help me out


And soz about the spelling im not good at english :stuck_out_tongue:


Step one: Take your scale and throw it in the ocean. If no ocean, use sledge hammer to break it in 1x1 cm pieces.

Step two: Learn patience.

Step three: Learn what the Anabolic Diet is. No, I refuse to describe it to you. Hint: WHERE'S THE F***** FAT

Step four: Profit.


Could be that you ate higher sodium/ drank more water that day: holding water

Could be that you're constipated...

This is such a small fluctuation in weight. Try mapping your weight for 2 months in a spreadsheet, the do =average(start weight: end weight) [if you know how to do these things]. That will give a far more accurate, meaningful measurement of weight gain/loss.

And I agree, for AD it's supposed to be like 50%-70% fat. Eat bacon, cheese, fish oil, olive oil, nuts.

Or do a different diet


I agree with Dannyrat

such a small fluctuation in weight. It could be extra salt that day or more water or constipation..

Weigh yourself at different times during the day, weigh yourself before and after meals/exercise/going to the toilet... you will see that 2 pounds overnight is insignificant.

Don't abandon your diet because of this.