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Anabolic Diet and Training Log

I’m 19 years old, been striving for a healthy body since i can remember. Since 6th grade I have loved the sport of body building and very interested in Nutrition, hopefully majoring in it as soon as I can strap down on my studies. Over the past two years I have lost 70 lbs. Now I am trying to put on muscle and get lean.

Right now I am eating mostly lean proteins and healthy fats for 5 or 6 days then carb loading 1 day. I am having protein shakes before and after my workout plus fish body oil 1000 from gnc.

I weigh 172 lbs and am 5’9"

Shoulders/45 min. cardio/ abs- Sunday
Standing Military press
Incline bench barbell front raise
21’s w/dbs( front side rear raises)

Legs/abs- Monday
Squats 3x8
Ham curls
Leg ext.

45 min moderate intensity Cardio- Tuesday

Chest/abs- Wednesday
Wide grip
Close grip
Cable crossovers (not sure the exact name)
Pec Deck
push ups

45 mins cardio- Thursday

Arms- Friday
Barbell curls
Dumb curls
Conc. Curls
Skull crushers
tri pressdowns
Over head exts.

Back- saturday
Bent over rows
one arm db rows
lat pulldowns front and back