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Anabolic Diet and Pulse Fasts


not exactly a beginner but i figured this was a good place to post this question. I've been playing football for 3 years and lifting seriously for about a year and its well past time for me to follow a more regimented diet. I'm starting the anabolic diet soon and I'm wondering if i can do a MAG-10 pulse fast one day a week after I've adjusted to the diet. I'm going to follow the typical weekday high fat, weekend high carb AD. i think starting the pulse fast at 9:00 pm tuesday night and going all wednesday would be effective. any input from some one who's tried similar? my goal is to lose fat right now, but I'm in no big hurry and would like to maintain muscle.


do you still play football? i googled the anabolic diet and it says specifically that it's no good for sports because of the lack of carbs. that is, unless your football schedule happens to coincide with high carb days. then it might work relatively better for you but for the rest of the week you'll be wiped out after half an hour of intense activity.

otherwise, pulse fasts are good at depleting glycogen stores. i used them as part of my diet phase and typically lost 3-5 pounds by the next morning after a pulse fast.

if you're in no big hurry, i'd first try to cluster your carb intake peri-workout and then eat protein/fat/veggies for the rest of the day. if you can also do "fasted" walks before breakfast, great. they preferentially use fat stores for energy and if you consume a protein shake with it, you should be able to lose fat while preserving muscle and energy for your workout later in the day.


There's a huge Anabolic Diet thread in the Nutrition forum. Post your question in that thread to get input from folks who are currently doing the diet.

Offhand, I can't see the harm in doing a pulse fast day once you're adapted. 'Ya know what? Try it for a week or two and see what happens. Worst case scenario, you feel like crap for a day or two and learn something about your body.


... or you will feel like crap, then slowly boil into a murderous rage thinking about eating donuts and cookies.