Anabolic Diet and Glutamine/Glycine


First, let me apologize for bringing up a topic which may have been already battered. However, i extensively used search and can’t find the answer.

A lot of people recommend supplementing with combos like Glutamine + Glycine + Taurine + BCAA pre/post workout for low-carbers. I have no question regarding BCAA or taurine, but a little bit confused about Glycine and Glutamine. It is said, that these supps help to replenish glycogen stores.

Ain’t i trying to reduce my glycogen stores while on low-carb days of the AD (week days)?

Will it hinder my transition if i start supplementing with this combo right on the transition phase?


I’m wondering about this too.

If I’m using 40g glutamine on workout days (tuesday/thursday)…is that gonna affect my saturday carb-ups?

I don’t think the goal of the AD is to reduce glycogen stores. That is just the effect of staying low carb in order keep insulin levels of low. If those supplements do increase glycogen a bit in the muscles, that would be a positive effect.

Thomas, what about induction phase? In my understanding, Doc D advises to go 12 days low carb to teach our bodies to use fat as the main fuel, and the less glycogen we have, the more palatable fat becomes for the body. It’s just IMO. If replenishing glycogen with glutamine only helps even on induction phase, then it’s fine!

Any thoughts on BCAAs? CT says, that Leucine spikes insulin a little. Isn’t it something we want to avoid while on weekdays of the AD? What about whey? It also seems to be insulin-spikey.

Interesting about the point about leucine and insulin while on the AD. I would assume that the insulin spike from leucine is minimal compared to that from high GI-carbs and that the benefits from leucine supplementation while on the AD outweigh the small insulin spike. Be curious to hear from an expert, though

It’s not that your avoiding an insulin spike. Rather your avoiding the FOODS that cause insulin spikes. Spiking your insulin aroud your workout with BCAA’s is a good thing. The insulin will help cart nutrients to the muscles without taking excess glucose to the fat cells.

Yes, avoiding heavy spikes allows your body to become more insulin sensitve and not store fat, but BCAA’s won’t spike it like carbs will and in the absence of glucose there’s nothing to store in the fat cells.

I think BCAA’s are a perfect fit for the AD.