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Anabolic Diet and Fazolis


Well i have been on the anabolic diet for 3 weeks now and i must say that i love it. I have been trying to cut a bit and have lost about 10 pounds of water/fat and have lost no muscle or strength thus far. My question is this. I work all day on Saturday and Sunday which are my carb up days so it is impossible for me to eat my usual 6 balanced meals a day so i try just to eat 3 meals that are bigger. I know i could bring a lunch with me but because of time constraints it is usually difficult to pack a meal big enough to get me through the day. There is a Fazolis within walking distance of my job which makes it extremely convenient to order, eat, and be back before my lunch break is over. I know it is fast food, but i usually order the ultimate sampler platter which has spaggetti, baked ziti, lasagna and fettucini alfredo, plus about 4 breadsticks. (sorry if i spelled all of those wrong.) Is this ok to do on a carb up day? If there is a better alternative? It says in the book that fat is ok on carb up days so i assume what i am eating is fine i just want to know if what i am eating is ok. I ussually take in around 3000 cals/day now and it is hard to get that in 3 meals when time is an issue. Any help would be apreciated.


You may want to post this on the AD thread, but I'll give 'er a shot anyway. First of all, if its working for you keep doing whatever you want. I have been trying to keep my carb sources clean for the most part (e.g. sweet potatoes, vegetables, whole grains etc) with small amounts of "cheat" foods. Again, this is just what works for me, but I feel that since we are so restricted as to the amount and variety of veggies and fruits on the weekdays, the weekends provide an opportunity to remidy this. Like I say though, if it's working for you to eat big italian meals ...