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Anabolic Diet and Chinese Food... Help


I have searched high and low for the nutrient breakdown of this…I am on the Anabolic diet and I tonight I decided to order chinese food…I got a large container of Chicken with broccoli which is fairly health from an Anabolic diet standpoint…ditched the rice and ate the large container…and man was it good…but now I have searched high and low for the calorie breakdown of this can anyone help?


add the calories of chicken + broccoli ?

yeh but the sauces adds alot of cals to the mix…

Obviously this wasn’t a breaded ckicken, was it? I would be careful with sauces as they seem to be the “icing” on the cake for calories. Carb cals, that is.

I remember back when people were all crazed about Atkins. I bartended at a BBQ joint and they would come in and order ribs or whatever, “hold the fries and bun, please”, and then slather the meat in BBQ sauce. Duh, sugar is a main ingredient.


and the sauce is probably mostly soy sauce which will have insane amounts of sodium

who cares about sodium?

Chances are the sauce had more carbs than you should have had for the day, but you did help by not having the rice. Next time make your own damn chicken and broccoli. It’s easier and you control the sauce.


I too love Chinese food, but I wait and eat mine on the weekend carb up and only eat half the rice. I’ve done pretty good losing weight on the AD with holding for weekend. I am not a pizza eater like many like to eat. I am sure the wiser would be to eat on weekend carb up. Just my 2 cents.


I will just get the steamed C and B next time and sauce on the side…

Funny this thread popped up, I’m on the AD and just had the same thing. I had a small C&B, but my carbs for the day have already been so low that I’m not worrying about it.