Anabolic Diet Advice

Need some advice.

This is I think the 3rd or 4th time I have done the anabolic diet not and as far as I have ever gone on each occasion. I am about 5 weeks in and like with every other time I had great inital results leaning out during the week and enjoying the weekend carb up.
Then each time around the 4th week without really changing calories at all, this time I have reduced them for the last week to try and help, I start getting chunkier and not leaning out the same.
I guess with all changes to diet the initial effects would always be the most noticeable but why do I keep putting on the weight after several weeks and not changing anything in my diet.

I know I can eat cleaner and have definately done so the last 2 carb ups which I have reduced to one day only as I felt I was puffing out on the 3rd one of these.

I have in the last week cleaned up my lunch but have not been so good breakfast - but have eaten this way from day 1

Wake Up
1 Scoop Whey

2 eggs
2 bacon rashers
2 sausage (good quality 6g carbs total for 2)


3 whole egg 1 white omellette with a little onion, ham and cheese

Mid Morning

Mackerel Fillets

Mid Afternoon

Mince and gren veg
2 1/4lb cheeseburgers
Chicken Green Veg

Before Bed
Calcium Caseinate Protein
EggWhite Protein

Carb Ups
Lots of Cereal and whole milk
Baked potatoes and cheese
egg fried rice

I was having first couple of weeks pizza and chinese buffet and still losing but have cleaned this out last 2 weeks and dropped half a day and now a whole day of carbs so only having 12 hour carb up

this always happens and is why i always stop!?