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Anabolic Diet 2.0


anybody out there still on the AD? last thread was closed, but 2.0 is up and open for business!


Yessir. Jumped back on it after a couple months training layoff (daughter was born). I have been on it solid since March, and currently dropping some weight. I've cut the carb up to just 1 giant meal sat morning, mainly consisting of a ton of pancakes. Went from about 236 to 220 so far with increases in strength, running wendler's 5/3/1 lifting 4 days, with 2 days of hill sprints on off days.

I love the simplicity of it.


awesome! did your strength increase right away or drop at first during the 2 week start-up phase? im in the middle of dealing with strength loss, but know it will come right back after that first carbup.


given up on carb backloading already wannabebig?


for the time being. my main goal right now is to drop as much fat as possible for summer. once i drop 20lbs and am lean again, i feel my body will be in a better position to use backloading to gain muscle. it was nice to eat shit foods and not gain bodyfat, but i cant see how it would help me strip fat as fast as the AD does.

kiefer even recommends his carb nite to drop fat as fast as possible, which is basically the AD with only one night of carbs per week.


Indeed. So why not do Carb Nite instead? Itd work better. Its basically a more optimised Anabolic Diet anyway.


i honestly dont feel like shelling out another $20 for carb nite haha. i have the AD ebook already and know it works.

unless theres a pirated version of carb nite floating around that i dont know about wink wink


I havent read it either but from Ive learned its essentially carb backloading but with only 1 backload. This means you still do the morning fast, and eat high fat/protein in a 50:50 split by gram, and then one night a week you do a big backload (after training preferably)


i honestly dont know if just one backload meal will be enough to refill my glycogen stores for the next weeks workout. i do pretty high volume. plus the psychological relief from eating carbs for an entire day (or two) is nice.


PM'd you so that I dont totally destroy your thread! (;


I'm with you on everything you stated, at least in my experience.
Plus for some reason I fill out better with less fat gain when I do a gradual 2-2 1/2 day carb up with smaller sensible size carb ups. I actually start filling out better when starting off with smaller carb meals on friday and able to handle it better finishing up with larger ones saturday night and early sunday.

When I ram jet a slew of fast carbs right off the bat I don't fill out as well and seem to even gain a little fat (or maybe just water retention).
Not to hijack the thread I'll probably just start a new one but does anyone know why this might occur?
This was one reason CBL didn't work for me. Didn't fill up on the one night huge carb up, just got fat.


haha. got it, replied. hopefully it went through.


no no, feel free to keep the carb up experiences in here lol. any info that helps in regards to carbing up enough and not spilling over is valuable information.

so you carb up slower starting friday night and going all day saturday and sunday? i did that a few times but it was like 3 years ago so i dont remember how it went.

also im 100% going to use glucose disposal agents during my carb ups this time around. still have tons of indigo and glycobol in my cupboard.


5th day, flat as shit, but i got the dirtiest bicep pump of my life on drop set preacher curls. no arginine, no carbs, no preworkout. no loss of strength AT ALL on chest and biceps. if anything my endurance went up and my strength stayed level from the 1st exercise to the 5th!

impressed AD, impressed...

the difference is this time around i raised fat from 50% of calories to around 60-65%. and im also using fitday everyday now to track calories. it aint so bad, i thought counting calories would suck but it makes it easier to adjust day to day.


I'm trying, but I'm finding it difficult to summon the discipline to avoid morning coffee's from the cafe, and to stop binge eating on the weekend.

Stacked on weight due to an elbow injury, but mentally not where I need to be :frowning:

I have started smashing back 12 eggs a day, plus some meat and cheese (and veges), putting me around 3000cals a day. I'm around 250lbs, so it's a good starting point I'd think. Just gotta fuck off the extra shit I'm used to consuming!


why avoid morning coffee? and yea the weekend can be a bitch lol. all the cravings from the week and/or 2 week induction phase come out like the fucking hulk.


The morning coffee is a large latte from the local cafe, so it's loaded with carbs from the milk. I have an espresso machine at home, so I have a double shot with a splenda sachet and half a teaspoon of double cream. Then when I get to work, we shoot over to the local.

I've managed to keep the binge eating away this weekend. Gonna cut out most carbs from lunch tomorrow, and squat tomorrow night. Feeling good


Yep yep! This is my sixth week on the AD and after reading "reconstructing the anabolic diet by Dr Matt Poteet
I've got me some golden rules. I like it very much. I'm learning to carb-up in the right way and have found the good POW shake for my feeling. I do lack energy on friday but Dr Poteet wrote that i could just start carbing up befor training on friday and that the rest of the friday plus saturday would be these carb-up phases. I train always after 7 till 9 warming up included. I am doing 6 days low carb and sunday my carb-up but what Dr Poteet said sounds great. I lack variation in food but that also makes it easier and i know what i need to spend. I did lost some weight and soon i'll try to bulk up a little, but i do look so DAMN LEAN!!


Can't agree more with that.


Dr Poteet wrote that the carb-up phase is three distinct phases. The first one would be like a anything you want for about 6 hours and calls it "the perfect stormâ?? of biochemistry"
In the 2 phase he also wrote "The key in carbohydrate selection in this phase is the elimination of fructose-containing carbohydrates. Why? Well, that has to do with our biological processing of fructose. Essentially, fructose cannot participate in glycogen loading when the liver is full of glycogen. It is 100% metabolized by the liver, and in this scenario the vast majority of fructose will be converted into triglyceride". Maybe that answers your question?