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Anabolic Diet, 1st Carb Up Calories?


I just started ad for cutting and am approaching my first carb up. There really aren't any specifics to the carb up weekend. I know I am not very carb tolerant so I am sticking to one day. Should I keep the calories consistent with my week day limits (2600 cal)?

In the ebook it said just eat until your content and such, but don't go overboard. Given past experiences with carbs I am somewhat skeptical. Any help is much appreciated!


You can eat double or tripple your normal callorie intake as long as those calories come from carbs (but I find that i eat only marginally more, as carbs fill me up). Just eat when you are hungry. After you've been on the diet for a while and your BF% is low, then you will be able to guage your carb load limit by checking yourself in the mirror and stop eating carbs when you look/feel bloated.

So this is a very individual thing.. For the first few weekened carb loads, eat when hungry (dont worry about counting calories); after a month or two, start taking note of how your body reacts..


Thanks alot man much appreciated!


I've also found that my hunger is easily satisfied on the weekend, definitely can't eat like I use to which is good.


I eat whatever I want on the weekends and still lose weight. I"m not super lean but I am no fat ass either. I once went from 305 to 235 over the course of a year I was super strict during the week and basically binged on the weekends. Pizza, couple big ice cream sundaes, pancakes, pasta, french fries, beer... basically anything goes. It all comes down to trial and error. I say eat up for a couple of weeks and if it does not work then tone it down until you get the desired result. Obviously the leaner you get the harder it is going to be. You not going to get to 6% body fat like this but you could get reasonably lean and then get strict when this no longer works. It is always good to have an extra card to play when things get rough...