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Anabolic Cutter Diet for Weekend Drinkers

This is a new diet I designed for those cutting, but who also want to get fucked up on the weekends. I have had success cutting on this diet, and have also been able to go out and get fucked up on the weekends.

This is a derivative of the Anabolic Diet, but is designed to get you cut and allow you to get wasted as well.

If you don’t drink on the weekends and don’t desire to, then this diet is not for you.

This diet is not for those more serious about building, or competitors. This is for the T-Nation user, is dedicated to getting in shape, but has a vice for the night life.

Without further adeu I give you the Anabolic Cutter.

(1) As I stated, this is a derivative of the Anabolic Diet. We are cutting and want to get our fats in. 30 carbs are less for 5 days a week. For this diet, the 5 days I reccomend are Sunday-Thursday, since you get fucked up drinking on Friday and Saturday.

(2) Here’s the weekday diet. Remember, this is for cutting.

Breakfast: 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive, 2 Scoops of Natural Peanut Butter, 1 Table Spoon of EVOO. Scoop of Leucine.

Lunch: Solid Meal, Anabolic Diet Style. Get your red meats and you’re veggies. Don’t count calories, but do keep in mind that your goal is too cut.

Post Workout Meal: 1 Scoop of Grow! (Grow! is more fast acting than Metabolic Drive). One heaping tablespoon of German Micronized Creatine.

Dinner: 2 scoops of Metabolic Drive, 2 Scoops of Natural Peanut Butter, 1 table spoon of EVOO. Scoop of Leucine.

On your non workout day, replace the Grow! with Metabolic Drive for an afternoon snack. Those of you who’ve tried Metabolic Drive or the Velocity Diet know that Metabolic Drive’s cassein works as a nice appetite suppressent.

Weekends (Friday and Saturday): No Extreme Carb load.

Friday during the day, you treat it just like a weekday. Your dinner is another Metabolic Drive drink. This is also an advantage, because with less food in your stomach, you will not need as much alcohol to reach intoxication.

Remember, if you’re doing this diet, you are a drinker, and you’re also trying to get cut. So there are no cheat meals. Drinking is cheating enough.

Friday Night: Lite Beer, preferrably Micheolob Ultra, but if you don’t want to look like a pussy, then go with Budweiser Select. If those two aren’t available, then go to Miller Lite. Vodka and diet soda is OKAY. Tequila shots are fine, try to stay away from Whiskey as it has some sugar in it. NO SUGAR MIX DRINKS. Nothing a woman would drink as this would contain sugar.

Beer would be the best option since it at least fills your glycogen back up. Beer does come from Barley and Wheat.

The Principle of this diet is MITIGATION. Remember, we’re trying to have our cake and eat it too, by drinking and cutting.

Saturday Morning Hungover: 2 Solid Meals on Saturday, but both have to be Anabolic Diet Style. Fats, no carbs. Go to Denny’s and order an ommellete and some sausage and bacon, or something like that.

For lunch do something similar. This one day a week, we’re not quite as concerned with calories. Plus those of you who have lived on the AD know that fats satiate fast and you’ll get full enough.

Snack - 1 scoop of Metabolic Drive.

Dinner: 2 Scoops of Metabolic Drive. 1 Table spoon of Olive Oil. We’ll hold the Peanut Butter here since we’re about to start drinking in a few hours.

Saturday Drinking: No getting fucked up on Saturday. It’s OK to get drunk to the point where you’ll have minimal hangover. This is different for everybody. One rule though: NO HARD ALCOHOL. I find that for the partier, the odds of a hangover are far reduced with no hard alcohol. This is a beer night. The light beers mentioned above will suffice.

Rule No. 2: No Thy Self. No your limits and what will affect you for your Sunday Morning workout. Some of you can probably drink all you want and not get hungover…others get hungover very easily. The amount you are allowed to drink is the most you can drink without getting hungover.

If you are hungover are Sunday, you have failed. Workout anyway the best you can, but try better next week. Sunday should really be your most intense day of the week and you want to be fresh. Luckily you can sleep in, and get up when you’re ready to start lifting.


  1. Won’t I get hungry on this diet?

Suprisiingly, hunger is not a huge problem. If you’ve done the Velocity Diet, you know that Metabolic Drive, because of the cassein, is a great appetite suppressent. And you also know if you’ve done the Anabolic Diet, that fats fill you up very quickly. The shakes that I design contain both, and they do a very good job of keeping you full.

  1. Will I lose weight?

Chances are, even with the drinking, you will be in a calorie deficit if you follow this program to a tee. I have basically ripped off the Velocity Diet and the Anabolic Diet and tailored it for the drinker, who also desires to get cut.

  1. What if I eat a lot when I’m drunk?

This is a very serious problem on the diet. Especially after the Friday Night Drunk fest. It’s a very common phenomenon to go crazy and eat after a night of drinking.
First off, I’m going to encourage you have some willpower and just pass out. However, if you know you’re the type who can’t do this, then have some hard boiled eggs, or something to that effect ready in your fridge for when you get home.

Or make yourself a shake with Metabolic Drive, and be prepared to clean up a mess in hte morning.

If you find yourself snacking a lot and not losing weight, then maybe this diet isn’t for you. If you can snack, and the pounds are still come off, then it looks like you’re doing fine. But Snack ANABOLIC DIET style.

  1. Won’t drinking lower my T-levels?

It absolutely will. Again, if you’re concerned about that, then you’re at a stage of training where this diet is not for you. This for the guy who wants to look great, and go out and get fucked up as well. It is possible. I am showing you how.

  1. Isn’t this Diet Common Sense?

Yes, but by putting in onto paper, it will inspire some. But I have contributed nothing new to T-Nation accedemically, just creatively.

  1. Who is this diet designed for?

This diet is designed for the dedicated lifter, who likes to go out and have a good time at the bars, but doesn’t want his morale shot from the filth he is about to put in his body. College students will probably find this diet most useful.

  1. What if I drink more than twice a week?

First off. Drinking Twice a week, every week is going to make it very hard for you to reach your goals. This will help with that. But 3 times a week? Or More? You can’t do that and expect to get cut up at all, unless you are on roids or are a genetic freak. I am neither.

Final Words: Obviously this is NOT the best diet to be on. Some might argue it’s not even a good diet. If you’re bulking, then this diet is not for you.

This is instead a T-Nation First, MITIGATION DIET.

Our goal is to mitigate the harshness of alcohol.

You now have the tools to succeed, go out there and knock em dead.

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LOL I’m skipping Saturday night live…had my laugh for the evening. If I’m not mistaken, Di Pasquale actually says beer is fine on the weekend on the legit AD.

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Nice and well thought out. I totally Fucked up the anabolic diet when i first tried it in college like 15 years ago. For the young and single, this could really help keep the social life alive and still make progress.

Some people will say you can’t be into lifting and drink. I made progress all through college and drank a lot. I had a really fast metabolism though so I’m sure the calories helped me. Could i get away with that at 32? Not a chance.

[quote]snewbold wrote:

Friday Night: Lite Beer, preferrably Micheolob Ultra, but if you don’t want to look like a pussy, then go with Budweiser Select. If those two aren’t available, then go to Miller Lite. [/quote]

Are you sure I wont look like a pussy? I mean…all of those beers are fuckin shit.

You just described the last 9 years of my life