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Anabolic Agents in the Morning

So, on all of the anabolic agents/testosterone boosting supplements or whatever the generalized term may be that are for sale on here, they are all recommended to be taken in the morning and then 6-8 hours later.

My question is why?
From what I’ve read T-levels are the highest in the morning and then trail off throughout the day. Depending upon how long the supplements take to have an effect I guess this may or may not make sense.

Why not take them before a lunch and then 6-8hours later?
Does it matter either way?

I assume it takes a while to get absorbed into your body and actually boost your T-level. Another thought I had was possible difficulty with sleep.
Anyonen else have any input?

Another question I have is, is it a bad idea to go through a cycle of one for a month and then switch to another? Like do TRIBEX for 4 weeks then switch to Alpha Male for 4 weeks then to Carbolin 19 for 4 weeks. I know the bottles say to allow 4 weeks to see results. My thought is that by switching them around your body will become less adapted to one over the other. Anyone else have any input on this??

Thanks in advance.

Cy Wilson says that he recommends always taking a week off in between cycles.

i think the labels for TRIBEX and Alpha Male also suggest doing 2 weeks on then a couple days off, do they not?

As far as why take T-level supplements in the morning, i can’t give you an explanation. But Carbolin 19 is not a T-level supplement and works more with nutrition, and it would only make sense to take it in the morning around your fiirst meal.

ill add onto the thinking of the AM dosing

The reason being that yes your T-Levels are highest in the AM Because you produce the most T during sleep. The least during the day when you wake and through the waken hours. So by using such a product you are trying to Boost the production when it plumits.

Same reasoning behind the use of things like 4AD-EC in the morn, Short half life. So you will have HIGH levels during the day and back down to natural level in time for the body to create its own and not disrupt the Natural production.

That said things like Alpha Male and TRIBEX are a once AM once PM dose to boost production all day. And yup a break from all supps at 12 weeks max is what Cy has suggested numerous times

Hope that helps,

That all makes sense.
Thanks guys.

What I was really wondering though is if I don’t go more than 4 weeks on Alpha Male/Carbolin 19/TRIBEX will I not see as much results?
What I am suggesting is go through a bottle or two of TRIBEX and then go to Alpha Male right after for a bottle, and then on to another thing, etc.

Is this a bad idea?

Should I just stick to one for a full 12 weeks and then either take a break or switch to something else?

Also, should I take a break after 12 weeks of taking anything affecting T-levels no matter if I am switching on and off of things?

Thanks again.