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running 4wks 10mg ed
(Its not for me)
Person is asking about how to dose… I told him I think 10mg once a day, any advise?

Its his first cycle and he already bought (and wont use anything else for now ) .

Im sure he will up it to 20mg-30mg his next time.

Anyways thanks for your help I really couldnt think if 10mg should be split . I know the half life is short but its only 5mg each then.


Anabol only doesn’t sound to hot bro. It’s easy come easy go with the gains that associated with anabol alone. Anyhow bumpit up to 30mg a day. This stuff has a high liver tox so… 4 to 6 weeks max. I’ve used this stuff to kick start a cycle with good results.


Yeah I really wanted him to try some Test but he wants to “start off” with 10mg/ed

sounds way to low for me hense asking the advice in case anyones tried it alone that low.


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Thanks for the help