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Has anyone ever heard of this

is it a scam and not like the real dianabol?

or does it work just as good?


Anabol it is real dbol from Thailand. Do a search
on dbol there are some many different kinds.

I think you are referring to the Thai “pink stop signs”. They are in the shape of a pentagon though. It’s hard to find legit stop signs unless you purchase the sealed tub with 1000 tabs in it. If you are buying them loose, here are a few tests you can perform:

a) Do a crush test. Take a tab and put it under your thumb and press down on it with all your might. THEY SHOULD NOT CRUSH. If they do, they’re fake.

b) Look at the colour of the tabs. There should be NO WHITE SPECKS in the pills. They should be a nice, smooth even colour pink all around. White specks in the tabs will tell you that they have been crushed up and re-pressed with another ingredient in them to cut their potency.

c) Look for sharp edges on the tabs. The British Dispensery uses pill making machines that will create sharp edges all around the tab. Very smooth, or rounded off edges could mean the tabs are fake as well (repressed).

d) If you are lucky enough to find the tub they came in, or buy a WHOLE tub, try peeling off the label. If the label comes off easily, in one piece… it’s fake. The label should tear off in pieces if you try to remove it.

I hope this helps. Good luck.