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Anabol+PCT Cycle Plan


Hello experts and champs!

I'm a newbie to steroids and I'm planning to start Anabol cycle. After a lot of Googling, I have come up with the following cycle plan-

  • Anabol-20mg for 4 weeks (week 1 to 4)
  • Stanozolol-40mg for 4 weeks(weeks 5 to 8) right after the anabol cycle
  • Nolvadex for PCT-20mg for 2 weeks followed by 10mg for another 2 weeks. This I'm planning to start 10 hours after the last Stanozolol intake.(week 9 to 12)
  • Arimidex- 0.5mg every other day starting from the first day till PCT starts(that is from week 1 to 8).

But I still have the following queries:
1. Should I take Winstrol since it is my first cycle or go for just Anabol?
2. Do I need to continue Arimidex during PCT along with Nolva? If so then what amount?
3. Is it ok to take 10 mg Anabol in the morning and 10mg pre workout in the evening?
4. What is the best time of the day to take Arimidex and Nolvadex?
5. Should I take any of these during no-workout days? I usually workout 5 or 6 days a week.
6. If I'm to go for an Anabol only cycle, then when should I start the next Stanozolol cycle?

I couldn't be more specific!! :slight_smile:

I am 28, 5'10", 73 Kg. Please review my plan and help me out with the queries...



You are a stick. Eat more. Don't take drugs.


I have been eating well and working out. But my body is not responding as expected.


Dude stay away from the drugs...


You have been doing it wrong if you aren't getting results. You won't get results on steroids either.

People who are able to get big on steroids KNOW what they are doing. Don't believe the nonsense about noobs who don't know how to eat and train taking dbol and blowing up into bodybuilder size.

Note to others:

See how this nonsense spread by people who have never used steroids before works both ways?


I was 65 before an year and gained 8 kg through workout, mostly muscle mass. Are you suggesting I shouldn't use steroid at this point? If so, at what point should I start thinking about taking it if I want to bulk up?
P.S: I have no intention on going for steroid for long term. Probably stop after the first cycle.


I wrote the following reply in another thread similar to this:

First, in this sport, the true gauge of knowledge is results one has obtained. From your stats, you do not have the knowledge nor experience to maintain whatever gains you will make on steroids.

Second, you will NOT gain actual muscle tissue close to your genetic limit on steroids. This is NONSENSE. When someone inexperienced gains 30lbs, most of it is water retention and muscular fluid, especially if he's not controlling his estrogen levels. This is why noobs who use look sloppy and bloated and seem to deflate after their cycles. Then you realise they gained a minimal amount of actual muscle and have put on a lot of fat when the excess intramuscular fluid has dissipated because they drastically increased their caloric intake upon the excitement of being on a cycle. If you are inexperienced, this will happen to you.

Third, there is the risk of permanent damage to your endocrine system. This is genetic and a proper PCT will not prevent this. Why would you risk it for 1 cycle when you can make the same amount of gains easily over a relatively short period of time at your level?


there's generally no point in doing only one cycle, unless you're hoping to bulk up for a once in a lifetime event....