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Anabol Fake?


I just picked up 60 tabs of supposed oxyforte 50 oxymetalona. The guy I got them from said they were oxymetholone 50mg tabs. My problem is that the pills have no markings to identify them. They are round, about half the size of a skittle, and are an off white yellowish color. They are hard; I tried to press one and crush it and it did not work. There is no scoring on them either and they are supposed to be from mexico. If anyone has any info or insight I would gladly appreciate it. I dont want to take bunk gear being my first cycle and all. Thanks for any help.


Here's a method I've learned that usually works in situations like yours:

Start taking the pills. If your weight has not gone up at least 5lbs in the first week, they are almost certainly fake.

You can thank me later :wink:


I think you will find them real, however i am surprised that for a first cycle you re going with one of the strongest, most powerful anabolic steroids around.


Tried and true method, eh cortes :wink: ill give it the good ol college try lol.

Thanks brook for your input, ive read a lot of your posts and you have a lot of good insight. Im new to this forum, so im not sure, but is there any way I can contact Bill directly and get his opinion also. Thanks again. Oh yeah, and about being my first cycle, it's the only thing i've come across since I decided I would do one.

Also, I won't be able to get any nolva for two weeks. Do you tnink it would be ok for me to start 50mg ED for the first 7 days, 100mgED for the second seven days without the nolva handy?


You shouldn't start any cycle without having all your gear. What if you dont get your nolva on time?


My suggestion is that you may want to look into "2 week cycles" outline by Bill R. Not suggesting to run a 2 week cycle, just read about the synergy between anadrol and winstrol. Try to get some winstrol. And yes, wait until you have all the necessary stuff before starting the cycle.


Who needs an erection? Those are for girls.


My mistake, i thought you wrote something that suggested the opposite.


Choosing anadrol was not SIMPLY because it was the first one I have come across. After a lot of research, I found it is a good booster for a cycle.

Thanks Bone, I read the 2 weeks cycles...I;m going to try and get my hands on some winnie.


The only think I would add is that Anabol is the brand name for methandrostenolone. It's a tiny pentagonal pink tablet.