Anabol Cycling

I had posted a message earlier (which I can no longer find), but that doesn’t really matter because I had the wrong information anyway. So guys, here goes: My entry, part deux.

I recently got a tub of 1000 Anabol and, with a friend of mine who’s versed on steroid use, have agreed that I do three seven-week cycles with 8 weeks off in between. My question is what BioTest products, if any, should I take on the downtime other than Grow! I have about $300 of disposable income per offtime to spend.

Any information any of you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Definately get Tribex… I’d also get some Powerdrive since your workouts might be a little flat on your downtime… Personally, Powerdrive is by far and away my favorite supplement.