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Anabol and Sust Help Please?

i am thinking about starting another course more of a cutting course than bulking and i was thinking anobol and sust250 for the first 6 weeks at 5tabz a day of anabol and 1 or 2 ml of sust a week then anabol and primo for next 6 weeks at same amount of anabol and 3 or 4 ml primo a week as i already have 10ml sust, 1000tabz of anabol an 7 ml of primo already but want to start it at start of december i also have 4ml of deca but dont think that can go in anywere on course and help at all. any advice would be very greatfull thanks.

Go home and ask “Why, why WHY???”

Why reproduce with such lack lustre intelligence genetics?

[quote] Brook wrote:
Go home and ask “Why, why WHY???”

Why reproduce with such lack lustre intelligence genetics?[/quote]

shoot! sometimes reproducing require too much thought for some…I think we are good. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol!


ok then what about anabol and deca?

That is fine IMO.

[quote] Brook wrote:
That is fine IMO.[/quote]

progesterone issues no?

Not like it matters because we are advising a TROLL but still…


Nah - it is a deca/dbol stack… it is a classic that works very well.

Unless he means anadrol, anabol is the thai dianabol.

I used it back in 1998/9

its anabol the 50pence shaped pink tabs and i have got some Nandrolone Decanoate BP on its way but i cant find anything on the BP bit is that just a manufacturer or is it a different deca?

and it is 250mg/ml

Oh my god you are British!

I am ashamed.

lol alrite then what does that mean

You don’t know what ashamed means? Lol

very funny! is it cos i said 50pence or that am a numpty hahaha but seriosly can you help me about my deca?