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Anab0lic's High Frequency Journal

Figured I’d get one of these journals going since I’ve not made much progress as of late and need to get a bit more orginized with my training/diet if I am to get any bigger/stronger me thinks.

Right now im about 226lbs 5’10 kinda fat (38-39 inch waist.)

I should probably be looking to drop some fat but seeing as its winter doesnt really bother me all that much that I’m kinda chubby. Plan is pack on some LBM over next few months then trim down a bit in time for summer. Areas I really want to try and bring up are my Chest which I think has shown a lack of growth due to using too much tri/front delt doing the movement, something which I think I have corected now by lowering weight and working on my form. Also back/traps and forearms I feel are lacking so really want to push on with some progress there. I’m pretty much the dreaded ‘skinny fat’ combo right now which sucks

Gonna be experimenting with a few different aproachs when it comes to training. I’m definately a believer in higher frequency lower volume stuff so everything I do will be variations of that theme. In the future I will probably transition over to DC training, when I’m more advanced and know how my body responds to things better.

Gonna start off with something I came up with and see how things go with that and take it from there.

DB incline press
Lat pull downs
military DB press
Pedlay Rows
Skull crushers

ez curls
zottman curls(forearms)
calf Raises

Smith Incline
hammer pull down
DB seated military
t bar rows
CG bench

Db curls + cheat for extra negatives
Zottman curls
Calf Raises
Leg press

Mon: A1
Tues: B1
Wed: OFF
Thurs: A2
Fri: B2
Sat: OFF
Sun: A1
Mon: B1

Have a feeling this may be TOO much frequency, hopeing with enough food and quality rest I can recover… we shall see :stuck_out_tongue:

Rep ranges i use are 5-8 reps with controlled negatives and testing out some ‘rest-pause’ stuff aswell to see how I respond to that.


Aiming for about 5500 calories/200-250g protein a day right now (fast metabolism) I think in the past I have made mistake of eating alot but not at right times, I think I definately need to focus more of my food pre/post workout. Think this is why previous attempts at bulking up ive added alot of fat vs muscle.

Will be hitting gym tomorrow and next day for A2,B2

Was supposed to be working out today but I wasnt feeling it at all, infact I’m going to change my workouts to Every other day and the split now looks like this after thinking about it some more today…

Workout A:
Incline smith bench - no power rack / DB incline
DB flyes (arnold style)
Wide grip pull downs / hammer pull downs / rack chins
Standing military press/ seated machine/ DB seated
Decline CG bench
T- bar rows

Workout B:
Part I
Tri set:
DB curls + Cheat for extra negatives
Hammer curls + cheat for extra negatives
Zottman curls

Part II
Incline DB shrugs / behind back BB shrugs
Seated hams /calves

part III
At home ( can microload dumbells with smaller increments)
wrist curls palms up/palms down/palms sideways
Ab work