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ANA Marker and Recovery


Hey guys,

I've posted on here before about some health problems I've had and got some really helpful responses. Hopefully, someone has some insight into a new problem I've been facing.

My joints and tendons aren't recovering like when I was 20 years old. I know you're saying, welcome to the club, but I'm only 24 now and am starting to fight against annoying injuries that keep popping up. For instance, getting out of the chair tweaked the front of my knee.

It is still painful after 2 months of rest. I had some blood work up done about 2-3 months back that showed an elevated ANA but no Lupus marker (IT'S NOT LUPUS!!!). This was a huge relief, but could be a clue into what's going inside my body (chronically active autoimmune system).

Is there anything I can do to improve my overall recovery abilities? I've tried Cissus, Fish Oil, and Systematic Enzymes, but not long term.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Have you tried foam rolling your IT band, quads, and inner thighs? My knees used to hurt a lot until I started using the foam roller every day.


I bought a foam roller form use on my inner thighs before. I will start using them on the rest of my legs.

Is it okay to use it on the pattelar tendon on the knee?