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An Upgrade to Prilepin


Well as it turns out somebody bumped me during a deadlift set this last wednesday and unfortunately that caused close to 400 lbs to drop on my big toe.... It is now in many, many pieces... So I have decided to write myselt a program based on prelipins tables for bench. I will be doing 2-5 bench sessions per week, each within prilepins tables. I feel this setup will also work for squat and dead. It is confusing, but bear with me. I will be using this formula:

score = (sets x reps)/(100-%max)

Then, i will be writing a program such that each weekly 'score' comes to ~1.9-3.4 with the mrsn lying in the ~2.5 range. each workout will also be within the range of ~0.4-1.4 or so. Furthermore, I will choose rep ranges from within prilepins tables such that the score of each set is between 0.1-0.2!!! This sounds quite complicated, but I feel it is a flawless setup.

So to reiterate:

-Each workout WILL fall into prilepin's table
-Each set will have a score of ~0.1-0.2
-Each workout will have a score of ~0.4-1.4
-Each week will have a score of ~1.9-3.4

For example:
Lets say max = 100
Using 60lb or 60% 1RM
Doing 4x6
Score = (4x6)/(100-60) = 0.6
Score per set = 0.6/4 = 0.15

What are your views?


Someone bumped you during a set? Holy shit! What's wrong with people?!?


sigh.... Yes.... Bloody commercial gyms.... Some people should just be shot lol... 6-8 weeks in crutches sigh... Anyways, any comments on my proposed routine?


Dude. What is the routine? I'm confused. Just cause you broke your toe doesnt mean you have to call it quits.


Broke my toes, but just worked around it.


I actually think it's not a great idea, but give it a shot and see what happens.

Prilepin's chart was written while observing weightlifters, so I would imagine the percentages are a little skewed. I'd do some more research and find out what's the best approach for powerlifters...I could be wrong but I really thought that the powerlifter version was WBC. Over the years Louie has tweaked the percentages based on what he has observed.


Some consider the volume recommendation to be a bit high for powerlifting. I have always found them to be pretty close for me.


I've personally never bothered with trying to keep track of stuff within the chart...start light and keep adding weight and dropping reps until I reach my 1-3 lifts at 90%+ and self regulate.

It's like Vincent Dizenzo said to me once..."too many people are looking for the right program instead of just smashing fucking weights" Yes it does require some thought and programming but you've got a good amount of experience and proven results to go off of...why fuck around with Prilepin charts when Westside has produced tons of great benchers, or if Westside doesn't work for you approach it like Metal Militia...know what I mean?


That's sucks about your toe man. I'm kind of having a hard time though imagining how it's possible to drop weight on you toe because someone bumped you. When I dead lift, even sumo the plates are a foot or more away from any appendages. I am curious so that I don't get caught in a similar instance.


Haha I sumo dead with my toes about 1 inch from the plates.... Fuck this... Now I'm always gonna be too scared to deadlift like this cause any pressure again will probably re-break it...


Unfortunately btw, I actually SHATTERED the big toe and this honestly makes it impossible to stand with any weights. Trust me when I say, breaking any other toe is nothing compared to the big one - I broke my middle toe once, buddy taped it and I was fine to squat. With this, I can't tape it and I cant put my foot flat on the floor... FML


Score = (4x6)/(100-60) = 0.6, when I work it out 12/40=0.3!


4x6 is 24 dude.... so 24/40 = 0.6

At any rate, this program seems really promising. It is like a flexible sheiko... Let's be honest, smolov is just wayyy too much volume to maintain, and sheiko is a bit too rigid. When you write a program this way, you can ensure that your volume is enough to stimulate, while each set/workout still allows you to maintain strong bar speed. Let me give you an example. I wrote this for someone who maxes at 275. Here are the 5 weeks of this program:

Week 1:
M - 215 - 6x3
W - 240 - 5x2
F - 230 - 5x3

Week 2:
M - 215 - 4x4
T - 225 - 4x3
H - 195 - 4x5
F - 235 - 5x2

Week 3:
M - 165 - 4x6
T - 250 - 4x1
W - 185 - 6x4
H - 250 - 4x1
F - 175 - 5x5

Week 4:
M - 195 - 4x5
T - 205 - 4x4
W - 215 - 4x3
H - 225 - 5x3
F - 165 - 5x5

Week 5:
M - 235 - 8x2
H - 210 - 7x3

Week 6:
Max testing

I have done one somewhat similar and it was really good. Obviously after these 5 weeks i took a ~ 3 weeks off without benching. But still no shoulder or elbow pain during this. When i did this my max went up ~20 lb so I was happy.


Ain't this America? Why don't you sue that fucking bastard, and the gym as well? Judging from previous rulings in the "land of the crazy", that should land you at least a few millions bucks in damages.

On a serious note: I am very sorry to hear about your mishap, and I'm just so happy I train alone in my garage, if anyone fucks up there, I can blame nobody but myself. Heavy weights are to be respected, you never know what can happen.

GL with the benching!


lol first of all i live in canada... And second of all it was definitely a complete accident. lol.... But at this point, yes I wish it was america cause it woulda been no problem to sue hahaha