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An Uncommon Pursuit


I will be posting varied thoughts and observations here.

For instance, I observe that I need to wash my hands and I think I should go do that...

Oh, and I did this today -


Lower + arms (deload)
Partial Anderson Squats (6th pin - 8" above parallel)
415x12 (60% volume)

Zercher Lift
245x1,1,1,1 (80% intensity)

Romanian Deadlift
305x3,3 (60% volume)

Lying Triceps Extension
140x3,3,3 (60% volume)

Barbell Curls
130x3,3 (60% volume)

Nice and quick. Lost a lot of gas after the partial squats but kept at it. Should be able to get 15 straight reps after the deload and then I can drop the height. It's a good progression scheme. I can feel my body adapting between sessions.

Zerchers were strangely heavy even with the 50 lb drop. Maybe my back was tired. The partials are involving more back and glutes as the height drops.

Cleaned up form on the RDL's and now targeting the correct muscles. Gotta concentrate on keeping the right shoulder pulled in. I have a tendency to let it slacken. This is bad because it further stretches the ligaments of an already too-loose shoulder. The good news is that I'm aware of it and so can take appropriate action to fix it.

LTE's felt light so I need to check if I'm cheating...

I'm starting not to like curls.


Those Zerchers are crazy! Nice work.

I have been thinking about going on a strict form kick for 8 weeks or so myself. Just dropping the weight down to whatever I can do correctly. Having a hard time coming up with a training routine I can do between football practice. Im pretty sore after hitting on Tuesday and Thursday....


Sneaky, sneaky! Subversion abounds...

How are you starting those Zercher squats? Just lifting from a bench rack? Or some other way. I'm looking for a squat variation to do at home and this one looks like fun...


I deadlift it to me knees and balance it there until I can get my arms underneath it. There are two ways to lift it: arms outside the knees or arms inside the knees. Arms outside is a bit harder because your legs have to be closer together and this means you have to bend over more. Arms inside has the challenge that you may not have your elbows far apart enough to balance the bar properly.

I like the arms inside the knees and I take a very wide stance to make sure my elbows are far enough apart. I also use some old leg extension pads on the bar because the lift is pretty painful without them, though the do put the bar bar farther out on the forearms, increasing the torque. Challenging to hold onto sometimes...

You might consider jefferson lift too. It's basically a sumo deadlift, but your feet straddle the bar. Not recommended if you have very short arms - you'll end up assaulting your boys...but a good squat/DL variation.


Mamma mia! I can't even imagine doing that. I think I'll try just lifting the bar off the bench press stand.

Thanks for the description tho...


Thanks Colin. They're a lot of fun.

I imagine your challenge is keeping your strength up during the season while not getting to get too beat up to play, nor make any problems that develop during season any worse by lifting...



Upper (deload)

Standing Overhead Press
135 4x1 (80% intensity)

Standing Overhead Lockouts (pin 12 - sticking point)


Bench Press
220 1x3 (outstandingly painful)
220 1x3 (less painful)
220 1x3 (in the groove - no pain)(60% volume)

Bent Row
220 3x3 (60% volume)

MiniBand face pulls

I cannot describe just how painful bench was at the start of the heavy sets. So I won't.

I'm finding that my form on overhead press is wrong. I've been bringing my right elbow too far forward under the bar. As soon as I brought it back directly in a vertical line with the bar, the rear shoulder stabilizers kicked in and I could press with no pain. I need to practice this form more, which means I may need to drop weight on the movement.

It feels like I'm going to lose the bar forward a little, but I think I'll get over that.

Same deal for bench. As soon as I took my elbow out further, I was stronger and more stable and the pain went away. Didn't get that 'til the 3rd set though. How did I get into that funky form to begin with?

I'm going to go ahead and describe the shoulder because it's an interesting result. During 1st set of bench, It flet like something tearing. Not so much the second set and clear of pain though somewhat weak on the 3rd.

As a result I seem to have more shoulder mobility than I had going into the bench sets. I'd been experiencing a tissue tightness and substantial pain in the right shoulder whenever I internally rotated my arm and reached behind for about a week. After the "tearing" feeling, much of the tightness and stretchiness is gone and I can perform that same motion with little or no pain.

It's funny because I had been considering getting some ART done, but I think it's already been done for me...



Wow! The stars are back...


Yeah - somebody hit me too. Maybe they will let us stay here if the PTBs (Powers That Be) know were are wanted!


Really good thoughts and observations on the squats and bench.



Abs and forearms

Prone Weighted Planks

Suitcase DL + hold

Forearm flexion
wrist curls 70x8,7,6

reverse curls 35x8,8,8


Wrist curls were pretty awful. Need to drop weight and build reps.

Shoulder still feeling good. Bit of a catch in it, but no pain or tightness.

Note: I'm abandoning my log in the Training Logs Forum - unless the powers that be close me down here...


Congratulations: I guess you just saved yourself 30 bucks on therapy.

Form is a funny thing: We work to make it a habit, so that we don't have to think about it, but then after a time it can change without our noticing it, and so we need to think about it again, and work for a better habit -- especially those of us who do not have a training partner.

I am considering taking the video camera in some day to see if I can spot anything in my own form that needs work.


I envey how precise your workouts are. Mine are much more random. Keep up the good work.
Also, its still kinda cool here in NH, hows it out there? There was still a couple patches of snow here until a day or two ago.



I switch things around quite a bit, actually, though I know generally what I want to accomplish. I've gone from weighted situps and L supports to weighted planks and switched in reverse dumbbell curls for reverse wrist curls just recently.

I don't need a whole lot of change to keep interested in my workouts, but I do need some. I have to watch out for doing exercises I like over doing the ones I need, though, when making selections.

Cali is warming up. We generally get a cold wind off the ocean here when the sun comes out, though.


I'm going to start a love affair with the Burger King triple whopper.

1230 calories in one easy to eat meal. I am so calorie-challenged that this looks good to me. I seem to be on the cusp of actually getting meat on my bones and I think this might help me look like I actually exercise if I consistently pound a few of 'em down each week.



Lower and Arms
Partial Squats (Pin 5)
415x0 (couldn't even get it off the pins)
Pin 6 minus 1.5"

Box Squats to 16" box
265x5 (misload, shoulda been 270)

Rack Pulls from kneecap

DB Hammer Curls
50's 2x8

Rolling Triceps Extensions
50's 6,2x8

Punked on the partials - tried to drop it to pin 5 too soon. Embarrassing. I've gotten that weight for two reps from pin 5 in the past, but I guess I'm not there yet.

I can tell my upper back is not set for big weights either. Was feeling the rack pulls there more than my lower back.

I just need more meat all over my body if I want these weights.


Actually they're not FUN. Very effective for correcting forward lean on a squat and a nice change of pace, but not fun.



Opinions differ, that's a constant.

Grip and abs

1 hand hang

Rotating D Handle lift
200x1 (left hand only)

2-hand Block pinch

Hex head DB lift

Abs later


Nice grip work, Skidmark. I just tried to give Soldog a tip should he need any extra ideas, but see I should have referred him to your session!



Incline Press
225x1,1,1,1 ( set PR )
195x5 (rep PR, I think)

total: 4140

Supinated Grip BB Rows

total 4650

Push Press


Neutral Grip Pullups

total: 6450

Grand Total:18895
Avg Intensity: 194.8lbs

Bench was good, though I went into it with a bit of trepidation. 230 is my previous max and I wasn't sure that 225 would go up 4 times. I needn't have worried - all but one rep was solid (#2 was out of the groove, right elbow too far forward again) and I think I may be hitting a new max soon.

Mis-loaded my push presses and so had to go back and do them again. Have to say 160 felt about right though. Couldn't get the reps. Reps 4 and 5 feel weird anyway, no matter the weight. Must be a neural thing, because my intention is perfect, after all...

No more singles on upper back exercises. There's no purpose to that if I'm trying to get my bench and overhead presses up. My pulling volume needs to be a bit ahead of pressing volume until the shoulders get right and so I have a good pressing base. They're coming onto line though.

Decided I'm going to concentrate on bringing up the squat, so no upper partials for the time being. It takes too much away from recovery. Squat first, then bring up bench with partials then overhead press. DL will go up if squat goes up, so I'm not worried about it.

Good session. Felt good to get a normal night's sleep last night.


did some

Inclined chest supported DB cleans
35's 3x10

These are the best thing I've discovered so far for external rotation and scapular stabilization. Face pulls are good too.