An Over 50 Lifter

Was groggy again today. Didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

Abduction 345 x 21 – same as last time (miscalculated the weights). Good feeling though. Also ran the stairs three times today at work.

Adduction 338 x 21 + .5 lbs (used a 3 lb hand weight instead of a 2.5 lb plate).

Lateral raise, 160 x 9 +2.5 lb

Dip belt instead of seated dip.
+25 lbs / 5 reps. Good form, going well and then bang, couldn’t do rep 6. This is going to go a little slower than I expected.

Seated row 300 x 8 +5 lb - 1 rep.

Delt fly 222.5 x 8 reps, +2.5 lb, -1 rep

Squats are moved to Saturday’s split, now that they are moving along. I’m hoping for bodyweight x 30 (well, my “bodyweight squats” are going to include two ten pound dumb bells too, doing that gives my arms a good pump).

Curl, 95 x 9 +2.5 lb

Abdominal slant body weight, 10 reps. Well, at least my form is good. I can feel them.

Back extension, 350 lb x 10 reps. Dang that felt good.

Improvement is starting to slow down, but I knew that would happen eventually. Actually, when I was younger I always plateaued at about half the weight stack, so I’m really doing well.

Wish they had a rotary torso machine, but otherwise I’m pleased.

I’ve also started a set of stretches for my rotator cuffs and will start the light exercises to go with them tomorrow morning.

I think I’m on track for my strength goals to reach by September. Guess I need to decide what to do then.