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An Ounce of Prevention?


Just recently read an article regarding the importance of joint health, especially lifting heavy ass weights in bodybuilding. So I was wondering if you guys recommend a 20 year old to take glucosamine supplements? (not sure whether taking additional glucosamine is needed at my age)


Pretty sure the general consensus is that glucosamine doesn't do shit


Fish oil. Fish oil my friend. It's the human grade WD40 for joints :slightly_smiling:


Not sure. I know alot of guys who take it and swear by it, but I know alot who have and said it did nothing they could notice.

That's kindof the thing really, how are you going to know right here and now whether its worked?

Evidence for it ain't too good, but then again there isn't really alot of evidence.

My advice is to make sure you've got sound exercise techniques and good dietary habits.

Will be interesting to see other thoughts.


i've gone from 165 - 230 in the last few years.

i run and jump and box and fall and everything.

i don't use glucosomine.

i feel sexy.


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Joint health is all about connective tissue integrity and smart programming. A healthy diet ( which includes heaps of EFA's and vitamins and minerals from real food) and balance to your training should set you up for the long run.


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save your shoulders
bench properly
and warm up your shoulders


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OP, bdw in regards to an ounce -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fd4ANWMiaZg


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Magnesium and Potassium


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I kinda felt like my joints were smother once I had been using it for some time. The problem is that the loading phase for it can be in the 8-9 week range. Itâ??s just really hard to measure the impact, if any, of a supplement that can take that long to work.

There are a lot of people that swear by it though. I never really noticed a big change, but was going to go back on it again for a while and make a final decision.


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Proper Warm Up....both general & specific.
Full ROM training