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An Open Letter to CrossFit...



You were there, saw it all first-hand. Would love to hear your thoughts on the issue as although you may not be a doctor, and never claimed to be, it's my impression that you care deeply for all of the athletes under your care/supervision.

Did Alex or the others suffer from the conditions presented in the article?



My two athletes were fine. Actually they had their best performances either at the end of the days or in the last days of the competition week. In fact Alex got back home on Monday (competition finished sunday) and a few hours after landing he went hiking for 17km. The next day he was in the gym. Carol-Ann was also in the gym Tuesday.

They both said that doing Murph in the heat was the hardest thing they ever did but suffered no drop in performance or well-being. They used an average of 12 servings of PLAZMA per day each. I believe that the big issue is not hydration but drinking tons of fluids without sufficient electrolytes which can actually make things worse.

But yeah it was bad for many athletes and several coaches complained.


Caro tore her hands pretty bad but no heat injury.