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An Ode to Pink Floyd


Each morning in Ventura, CA is welcomed by the sun coming over the nearby mountains and with clear views of the Channel Islands.

Quite unlike the view most in L.A. awake too - but we'll get to that soon enough.

I must admit that this Ode to Floyd serves 2 purposes:

  1. My wanting to read Cupcake's undoubtedly cunning yet obtuse quotes he has tucked away for such an occasion.

2.To demonstrate how much our own Keebler Elf in Chief loves Floyd.

As you can see this Ode is metaphorical rather than musicological in nature, although Gilmour's majestic solo on Comfortably Numb must be mentioned.

Turning now to track 7 of disc one of The Wall, "Goodbye Blue Sky",
lets see how Walker Texas Ranger has paid tribute.

The main theory put forth is that members of the Bush administration and buddies in the EPA, during late night herb & Floyd sessions hit upon an idea to do justice to this classic Waters/Gilmour penned tune.

Back in year 2000 George Dub touted his support for the Clean Air Act in campaign speeches, promising to enforce limits on dangerous CO2 emissions.

Hit fast forward to 2001 and Bush and the EPA are under fire for refusing to enforce said emissions.

Lawsuits were brought by the States of New York and California, presenting quite a problem for our Floyd loving White House gang.

Never short of devious solutions, after finishing off a potent bag of Thai stick one fateful night during repeated listenings the "Goodbye Blue Sky" they arrived at the perfect answer: "hey, lets just rule that CO2 is no longer a pollutant, therefore not enforcable by the Federal Government."

Thus, provided the success of this ruling this week, BushCo will help foster a L.A. smog fest reminiscent of the 70's and truly worthy of this Floyd anthem.

"mama do you think they'll break my balls?"


While I like Bush one hell of a lot more than that pecker-waving imbecile he replaced, I think this is one big royal fuckup.

As a hunter and outdoorsman, I like clean air, water, and soil. I like habitat, and clean sunrises and sunsets.

Rolling back clean air standards is nothing short of asinine. I really hope this can be reversed.


I really love Pink Floyd. Meddle, Ummaguma (sp?), Animals, Pink Foyd (the album), Obscured by Clouds, and the Final Cut are my top 6, though I love them all except (ironically enough) Dark Side of the Moon. Of course, thats probably due to it's overexposure. Since I took a a vow of abstinence from commercial radio, permanentely, so I may eventually warm up to it. It is produced by a genius name Alan Parson's so it does have a positive twist to it.
This is of course, "drug music" don't be surprised if people flame you and accuse you of an out of control drug habit because you like them.
I also expect flames by people who will flame because they don't like it and the ability to seperate an appeciation of talent and dislike. So people they dont like automatically suck.
For instance, I am a Dead-Head of mas proportions. That fact alone will result in many insults, but I could care less. I love them and that will not change regardless of who does not like it....
Ooooops, I rambled, off the topic. Sorry.
And perhaps I have been to harsh on fellow T-posters, but I have seen some realcrappy, unwarrented, insulting and demeaning behaviour. Insulting folks for asking simple questions and such, certainly the innocense here has been lost.
meathead/muscles heads will continue to post, and they are free to. I just don't like it. We should all treat each other well. Apologies to inteligent, well rounded posters, this does not mean you.
Oh well, I hope I didn't hijack the tread, I have just been near some narrow minded people and perhaps it is bleeding over. I like people to read my shit, but there is no need to respond as I will probably not check this forum for a while


I like Pink Floyd. I got in line for concert tickets at midnight the night before they went on sale to see them once.

I think Roger Watters got too wrapped up in purging his childhood demons after The Wall. It's too bad because they were a great band.


mmmm, no one else here likes running/biking/hiking/hunting/surfing or any other outdoor sport?

I give a shit because I appreciate clean water and air. We are truly complacent sheep by letting them get away with this.

Democrats and Republicans have for decades gone mostly on industries' side, but the Bush Admin is really just an extension, a lobby group for fossil fuel industry.

These new rulings will do some serious harm.


So vote Green Party and get all of your friends to vote Green.

I like clean air and water too. It's amazing the lack of concern for these things the average suburban dwelling Congressman or Senator has. I've written numerous letters (I don't believe in lobbies) and with one exception I get a form letter in return. Usually it would go like this. My letter addressed air quality, water use, or mismanagement of public lands. The answer was "Thank you for your concern about our environment. Your input is greatly appreciated. At this time I'd like to let you know that I voted for the comprehensive recycling bill and I went to lunch with the Leadership Committee of the Arbor Day Foundation two weeks ago".

Lip service is all you get. I guess we get what we pay for. My wife testified at our state legislature on water use issues and the only person interested was a fucking lobbiest. He wanted to take her to lunch. She thought he either wanted to get in her pants or get her to work for the lobby, either way seemed way too slimy to touch.


This thread has been officialy hijacked. Green Party? please


Not that I was a fan of Georgey in the first place, but how much more proof does anyone need that he's nothing more than a member of one big Ol' Boys club? This law does NOTHING good for the country. there can be no positive effects for anyone from allowing more polution. Oh, wait, the owners of the factories will make shit loads more money. Oops, I forgot, all this extra money will make them want to 'police themselves' and they will voluntarily start spending millions on clean air upgrades.

And here in New York we will again have acid rain bad enough to actually burn the leaves on trees in the Adirondac Park.


Can anyone argue that this is NOT the worst administration in US history concerning environmental (or anything else really) issues?

For the new policies they threw out the EPA's own studies, thus leading to Christine Whitman quitting, and got new ones commissioned from the American Oil Institute to show how harmless factory emissions are.

Meanwhile the media continues its blissful slumber.



The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!


"Can anyone argue that this is NOT the worst administration in US history concerning environmental (or anything else really) issues? "

Yep, Reagan. Look up James Watt and you'll see why.

Hijack? The thread is about environmental quality and a slam on the current administration. An alternative to the staus quo is a hijack? Oh well, consider me a guy with a box cutter at the throat of the stewardess then.

What's wrong with voting Green? Oh, I know. You won't get your candidate into office so it's a wasted vote. There's no hope of changing things so you might as well vote for someone that has a chance of winning.

News Flash: You don't have to win an office to affect the government. We all know they pander to public opinion to garner votes. Enough people vote for a third party, something like only 2% of the vote total, and the major parties start trying to attract those "swing" votes by changing the party planks to make it more attractive to those people.

They may ignore your letters, they most likely will ignore you if you carry signs and stop traffic, they won't ignore your votes. Votes are the currency they deal in.


Steelyeyes: I agree that Watt did some major damage,
but look at the extent, the sheer amount of sneaky crap done so far by Bush Co., and in only one term.

www.sierraclub.org has a good list of all the damaging business done up to this point, which about 95% of has never been touched by most media outlets.

You make good points concerning the Green Party. As historian Gore Vidal has said what we have now is one party with two branches, a right and a far-right.


"while George W. Bush gets low marks on the environment from a majority of Americans, few fully appreciate the scope and fury of this administration's anti-environmental agenda. "What they're doing makes the Reagan administration look innocent," says Buck Parker, executive director of Earthjustice, a nonprofit environmental law firm."

From an informative piece in Mother Jones: