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An Introduction to My Quest


Since I was a young lad my pursuit of training has been sad to say on and off. It seem that life would lead me stray from the path and I never reached my potential as I wanted due to troublesome plateau. A few months back, I say in December I hit a slump due to stress, drama, my mother's illness and then death due to a hospital error. A slump that took almost 4 months to surpass, but now change is in the air and determination.

I have decided to do cardio and core training lightly at first and then back into the swing in 2 weeks. This is how I have always done in the past, my only concern is that cursed plateau. I would like to get down to at least 180 lbs and get shredded up since I have size. It just that damn belly that is truly killing me and the man tits from the extra weight.

Three years ago I wanted to become a trainer so badly, but life threw a curve ball and I went into busienss with someone I tried to help, who ended up stealing from me. Now the dream of doing it again has got me fueled. The time is now to once again help others, inspire tham and motivate them while allowing the same to occur to me. I am truly fueled, I just need help from individuals like you who have mastered this game.

Any suggestion or diet help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You, George Mercado


Welcome, Badboy. This is a good place.

Another George, huh? A good omen. That's the name of the main character in my favorite Brit sitcom.

If you're looking to lean up, let us know your diet and we'll start there.