An interview with John Davies

What is a dumbbell bent press? Can anyone recommend a good video/book on agility ladder training?

I would like to know the same question on dumbell bent press.

The dumbell bent press sounds like the side press that Pavel recommends in the evil russian interview. You might want to check out dragon door and search the forum

I agree with PK, Pavel also talked about the side press which is basically a d/b shoulder press while leaning sideways. I did them a few times for a change making sure of same lean by putting non work hand level with knee. They’re ok for a change and found they worked rear delts well. Hope that helps

Great interview Chris! I’d love to see more of John Davies. How about an article on agility training?

Pavel espouses the Barbell version of the side Press. With the side press the goal isn’t so much to lean. Instead, with any appreciable weight you’ll need to let your your hips move out to the side of the working arm to maintain your balance. I know I’m sounding overly picky, but most people will try to ‘lean’ by starting the lean with the shoulders. Again, the leaning appearance should be from allowing the hips to drift out laterally. Try doing a olympic barbell side press at your typical “family fitness center.” Oh, the looks of horror you’ll get.

I second the idea of an agility training article by John Davies. I’ve got 2 sons who play football, basketball, baseball and soccer and building this type of foundation would truly benefit them in all of their athletic pursuits.

I’m on board with the agility training article as well.
I too have sons that are athletes and
strength/agility are the focal points this Summer.