An Interview with a Forgotten Legend

Don Howorth, the only interview I have ever found from the man - a good read

Don Howorth - 1967 Mr. America, known for his wide shoulders and amazing V-taper.

He looks a bit like Zane, much better lats though I think.

Pretty good arms huh?

Don, in my view had a better physique than Zane in every department. Frightenly small waist at 29inches, top weight 235lbs. It unfortunate that he decided to drop out of bodybuilding, it is hard to compare sizes when there are very few pictures of him competing. There is one were he is standing beside Zane but I cant find it.

Not many could pull this as well as he did back then - Oliva made it his own though

Much better than Zane, I agree. Not just the lats, but the arms and shoulders. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this guy.