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An Interesting Read on Slavery

Because, I didn’t want to highjack a thread. No real opinion on thi,s just thought it was an interesting read from anothers take on a subject.


Rather entertaining.

I really like how he completely flies off the handle towards the end. The government a criminal network; protestants inspired by Satan. Only Catholics are True Patriots. Good stuff.

As a discussion about slavery, it’s complete rubbish, though.

Makes you wonder what there putting in the Sacramental wine. At anyrate, I thought it was unique.

Six pages later, to tell that the gov’t might be corrupt and protestants worship satan (I had always wondered about the Martin Luther thing.)Who knew Franciscan preists were CT’ers

‘That which most people fail to remember is that the Civil War was not fought over slavery. It was fought over the South’s right to secede from the “Union”.’

And why did they attempt to secede? That’s correct. Because the future of their slave-based banana republic police state was in jeopardy.

A better read on the causes of the Civil War: Apostles of Disunion by Charles Dew.

A better article on the EP by Thomas Sowell: