An Intensive Job & Lifting

Anyone have advice on what to do for my short-term problem: I am currently working for UPS running packages all day while on break from college. I only have one and a half weeks left of it. Since I started 3 weeks I have lost 3lbs. and I can notice my muscle is going down.

I lift everyday after work. The job consists of me simply running for about 6 hours a day. I am even eating more and still seeing muscle loss.

I know when I get back to school/done with this job I will hopefully get it all back and get back into the swing of things…lift 5 days a week, HIT cardio 3 a week.

As far as right now…any advice on how to maintain my muscle? (I pack a high protein lunch and get home in time to make dinner.)

Eat more.

Dont be afraid of carb-dense foods. You’re running around all day burning lots of Calories!


I used to be a valet and it was hard to put on weight. As soon as i stopped i gained 10 pounds quickly. Eat small meals while on the job. Try eating alot of carbs and high calorie meals. 1000 calorie shakes before you start could help if eating while working is a problem.

And make sure you eat before lifting after work.

I worked as a package handler for a couple months at UPS this past summer. Couldn’t do much more than maintain, honestly. And my BW went down. Also, increased the stress issues on the joints for me.

I don’t want to say it, because I don’t know your situation, but I had to get out of there, as great as the job was as far as benefits and such.

BCAAs my friend

Meal replacement shakes and bananas. You might also try pizza with extra cheese, which some marathon runners use to keep going. It�??s nothing but fat and carbs that your body can just tear into.

Drink liquid calories while you work, like gatorade and whey for example, and keep the training sessions short but sweet, 30mins, low volume. When I did construction, I did better training before work than after.