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An Instant Cure for Night Sweats


Hi T-Nationers... I am no scientist or nothing and I can't prove it but it does work and would appreciate somebody being able to explain it.

Some of you may know I am on a extremedoet for a biggest loser type of thing based on BW so I am practically eating nothing so I used to get these unbelievable nightsweats waking up with the T-shirt soaked like after an hour of Cardio.
3 days ago while eating lunch a mate of mine added some olive oil to his salad, and I thought why not do the same for the omega 3 and boom no nightsweats at all, repeated for the last three days and no night sweats what so ever. I am using just under a tablespoon on my salad.

Does anybody know the science behind this?


I'm not sure how this could work but just wanted to highlight one thing about night sweats.


I dont want to fear-monger but I used to get the drenching night sweats you described and put it down to my pretty extreme cutting diet. I later found out I had a rare form of cancer and night sweats are one the key symptoms. I really wish I had been more aware of this at the time as it could have lead to an earlier diagnosis.

I have read your biggest loser posts and it probably is down to your extreme dedication to that but it might be worth telling your doc.


Hi THink Tank Fish,

 Thanks for your post, I am takinga serious look into this, yesterday night I went to the mine infirmary for a blood test and hopefully the results will come back today, which I'll email to my GP. I am a bit concerned as my grandfather passed away after a fight with prostate and bone cancer afew years ago that was discovered late. Our company doctor said its probably nothing since my finger nails are a bit brittle(low calcium which causes night sweats) and he put me on Iron and Calcium supplements, but otherwise he says I show no obvious signs of any serious disease. 

On  lighter side he said I look much better since I lost around 50lbs(he walks both ways I guess :))



Glad to hear your getting it checked out. Its probably worth it just for the peace of mind.

There's lots of things that cause night sweats so hopefully its not that.


Did you just accuse your doctor of being a homosexual for suggesting that you look better with what I'm assuming is a lot less body fat?


You can't accuse someone of being a homo cause it's not a crime. But when they run their hand down our arm and I am translating from Arabic here quote "You're becoming a stud now". It was the first time ever I was hit on by a homo, so I actually was laughing about it


Blood test work came back yesterday, no signs of cancer thank Raa- but on the very weird side elevated Test and T3 which wasa shocker to me as I thought my metabolism would be down after extreme dieting and Test would be down due to decreased fat intake. I really can't understand how my body works, but I like the way it does :slightly_smiling: